• July 13th, 2020

King Tee Dee maintains his throne

 Aletta Shikololo

WINDHOEK – He has been doing music for close to two decades and he mastered the art of relevance in the Namibian music industry.

Namibian award-winning artist and entrepreneur King Tee Dee, formerly known as The Dogg, spoke to Entertainment Now! about his relevance and maintaining his Omshasho brand.

Even though the ‘One and only’ hitmaker has not released an album for the past three years, he said he has a strong fan base, which is the relevance that other artists should try to gain.

“One thing I will always be grateful for is my fans who have been supporting me throughout my music career; they never stopped believing in me and even when years pass by without dropping a new track or album, they still keep me on top. Being active on social media also helps me to keep rolling the ball,” he exclaimed.

Throwing few tantrums here and there, King Tee Dee mentioned that naysayers also played a role in keeping his name alive.

“Even when I am quite on music, some artists always feel threatened by me – to such an extent where they would force me to resign. Changing my name to King Tee Dee also left many talking because they feel like I am now their king,” he laughed.

Martin Morocky, his official name, is one of the few successful artists who revolutionised the music industry, a fact many can’t deny.
From kwaito to house music to afro-pop, one can actually call him a jack of all trades.

Talking about his most anticipated concert, 26/09/20, he assures his fans that this year it’s going to be bigger and better.
He said, “I don’t really want to talk much about the concert to avoid the theft of my ideas but all I can say is we are getting ready and there’s so much to expect from the concert.”

 King Tee Dee revealed he will be releasing an album on the same day of the concert, with a title yet to be announced.
“I like being creative, and the name of my album will be thoughtful, so a lot about my album will be revealed as we get closer to September,” he revealed.

As an influencer, King Tee Dee encouraged aspiring and upcoming artists to be creative with their music and build themselves as brands.

He added that a lot of artists are struggling to grow their music because of a lack of authenticity in their music.
“Most of them sound the same and they always expect quick money from music – not knowing they have to make names for themselves before they aim high,” he concluded.

He advises artists to be versatile and work with different people in the industry – not only for their growth as artists but for the growth of the Namibian music industry.


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