• April 5th, 2020

Lady May Africa releases Unbroken

WINDHOEK-Lady May Africa last week launched her first, much-anticipated gospel album titled ‘Unbroken’ to the media and friends.

The album which consists of 13 tracks and seven features, was launched during an intimate gathering at the Royal Castle Guest House. 

Lady May Africa with her new signature gloved look and a beautiful silver ensemble graced the stage. Performing the title song Unbroken featuring local gospel artist Franklin.
“Lady May Africa has taken a decision that is really personal and we ask that the fans and public continue to support her and accept her new lifestyle,” commented her manager Naftalie Amukwelele better known as D-Naff. 

The launch coincided with D-Naff asking Lady May Africa to renew her contract for another 12 months, and mentioning that he not only manages her but also doubles as a mentor making sure that she understands the journey she has taken.

With her entire team committed to pushing her newfound image, Lady May Africa is excited and happy as she was lost for words. She did make up for it when she continued to give a spirit-filled performance during the launch. She was later joined by Maranatha who also features on the album, the song and the voices on both these women left those in attendance on their feet. Maranatha prayed over Lady May Africa and gave her encouragement. 

The album which took a year to complete is available on iTunes, Apple Music, YouTube, Spotify and most online stores. With hard copies available around the country “We were privileged to have worked with a vocal coach from Nigeria, Naomi Classik,” said D-Naff. He added that “The gospel community should embrace her as their sister and Gospel artists and singers should know that she is not a newcomer to the industry but a huge artist in her own right and has achieved a lot as a secular artist hence they should be ready for her light to continue shining and they should not be intimidated by her but rather be grateful to God that we gained a member in this family of God”.

 D-Naff ended off by saying, “her past will not be deleted because we see it as a necessary part in addressing her future. She may not be always what the public expected, but I believe each day she is getting better with God”. Lady May Africa concluded the evening by performing Run to God, track number ten on the album. The sound and feel to this song took one back, and her performance included her famous headbanging and scream move signature style.

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