• June 6th, 2020

Learners share expectations for new school term

Aletta Shikololo

WINDHOEK – The Youth Corner this week spoke to learners from schools in Windhoek on their sentiments about going back to school.
Selma Iiyambo, a learner at Hochland High School said that she is excited about going back to school to see her friends and looks forward to a learning environment. 
The 17-years-old Iiyambo who is in Grade 12 remarked: “I have been studying during the holiday but there are some topics I struggled to understand, so I will go back to my teachers and ask them to help me understand.”
She also urged learners from various backgrounds to commit to hard work in the new school term in order to get better grades at the end of the term. 
“They should not let their last term results determine what they make out of this second term. They also must not let their previous results discourage them from doing their best if they did not do well. If they did exceptionally well last term, they should continue studying hard and improve,” said Iiyambo, urging fellow learners to respect their teachers and parents. 
Hugo Nkandi, a five-year old learner from Deutsche Höhere Privatschule said that he is happy that he is back to school to play with his friends. He said he loves to draw and looks forward to learning more about arts.  
Kukapukua Muroua, a 17-year old learner from Jan Möhr 
  Secondary School said she looks forward to the new school term. “Getting back to school comes with a lot of challenges because of my situation at home, despite the hardship at home, I would like to improve all my subjects this term because I didn’t really do well last term and I think it was because of a lack of commitment. I would like to advice my fellow learners to study hard and stay committed to school,” she said.
Uarionongo Katjingisiua from Centaurus High School urged fellow learners to follow their dreams. Meanwhile, 18-year Mirjam Festus from Windhoek Technical High School shared that going back to school is something every learner is looking forward to because of the knowledge imparted to them by their teachers. 
“I will put more effort on my studies this term because it’s my last year in school and I want to make it to the university and good luck to all my fellow matriculates,” said Festus. 

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