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Letter - Give us options

2021-09-17  Staff Reporter

Letter - Give us options
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William Bongani //Garoëb


The recent launch of the national Covid-19 vaccination campaign by government, urging all Namibians of eligible age to go for their jabs, has brought about a sense of urgency for us to heed the call. 

The Covid-19 pandemic has not only caused many grief and harm but also hampered the prosperity of the country’s already-vulnerable economy by reducing it to shambles.  We are all still reeling for the devastation and aftermaths of the virus and picking up the pieces by getting back on our feet and pressing forward with life as we know it. More recently, there has been a new chant being sung all over the world, moving for jabs becoming mandatory, rather than a choice. In Namibia, our First Lady boldly stated that no unvaccinated guest will be welcomed to their home and farmhouse. Companies are looking for policies around the human rights to manoeuvre employees taking the vaccination. 

All in all, we do want to gradually get back to the new normal of life as we know it now. But my own is that the same government and leaders of the land of the brave should give us more options as to the type of vaccines I would want to take. In essence, bring in more options of the different types of vaccines.

We want to go for the jab, but I humbly ask that you give me a broader variety of options to the vaccine then what we have now. For the great part of what is here, some countries will not allow you entry into their boarders soon with what is currently available in Namibia – due to all political propaganda hovering globally

While most of us are patiently waiting for J&J and Pfizer, pressure is mounting for us to take the shots. For most of us, it is not that we so do not want to.

However, the set choices of vaccines available in the country leave much desire to go and take the shot, especially amongst the youthful generation. 

Therefore, please consider our plea and let us meet one ather halfway.

Yes, I want to get vaccinated but give me more options. 


Editor: On Tuesday this week, government took delivery of 108 000 Johnson & Johnson vaccine doses.

2021-09-17  Staff Reporter

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