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Life in prison for panga hacker

2018-09-28  Roland Routh

Life in prison for panga hacker

WINDHOEK - Windhoek High Court Judge Naomi Shivute yesterday sentenced to life imprisonment, an Otjiwarongo man who admitted in the Windhoek High Court that he hacked his girlfriend 45 times in the head, neck and face. The judge said Josia Shimweefeleni, 42, is a dangerous element to society and needs to be sentenced for a very long time. Shimweefeleni will be eligible for parole after 25 years if he behaves himself.

According to Judge Shivute, the offence committed is prevalent, serious and is aggravated by the fact that it happened in a domestic setting. She said that the accused chopped the deceased 45 times and the deceased must have endured a lot of pain and suffering.

Shimweefeleni was charged with the brutal killing of Frieda Ndalila Nambahu with whom he was in a romantic relationship with for at least seven years.

According to the state, Shimweefeleni killed Nambahu in a fit of jealousy and he chopped her at least 25 times with the panga in the head and several more times in the neck and face on August 19, 2016 at the Single Quarters in Otjiwarongo. The deceased died at the scene because of blood loss.

Judge Shivute said that the personal circumstances of the accused are by far outweighed by the interest of society. “The deceased lost her precious life,” she said. According to the judge, although the accused pleaded guilty, that in itself does not justify an inference of remorse. “The accused was caught in the act and there was overwhelming evidence against him,” Judge Shivute said and continued: “Eye witnesses were watching the accused through the window committing this heinous and cowardice act against the helpless victim.” She said that even if the accused did not plead guilty, his conviction was inescapable. According to Judge Shivute, the accused acted irrationally and his actions showed that he is a dangerous person. “The accused locked the deceased in a room and chopped her with a panga directing the panga to the head, neck and other parts of the body. Eyewitnesses could not assist the deceased since she was locked in the room. They could only see her through the window that had burglar bars. The accused inflicted horrendous wounds on the deceased,” the judge remarked.  

Judge Shivute further said that the state called a witness in aggravation of sentence, who testified how the deceased’s death had a “bad impact” on her family. The witness said the family wishes for the accused to be sentenced accordingly and suffer the consequences of his actions as he had chopped the deceased with a panga like he was chopping an animal. The witness also told the court that the family does not accept the apology of the accused. 

In a plea explanation read into the record by Legal Aid lawyer, Mwala Siambango, on his behalf Shimweefeleni said that on the day in question he locked himself and the deceased inside his room and thereafter an argument erupted between them about their relationship, which led to the hacking and subsequent death of the deceased. “At the time of hitting/chopping the deceased with the panga, I knew that my actions were unlawful and therefore punishable by law and I knew that the deceased will die,” he stated. Deputy Prosecutor-General Advocate Antonia Verhoef represented the state.

2018-09-28  Roland Routh

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