• January 25th, 2020

Live church session at Koi

 Onesmus Embula
Gospel duo Franklin and Dee’A are release Church in Session tonight at Koi in Windhoek. 
Franklin Newman says the album talks about transition from what the church perceives and expects one to be in relation to who God has destined everyone to be as individuals. “Album encompasses the full message of Christ and the hope of salvation while articulating the importance of individualism in God. It is really about taking a punch at this movement of imitating men as opposed to Christ,” says Newman.  Church in Session has ten songs with a variety of genres, from Rap, to House, Kwaito and Jazz.  “Hit you with the word” is a song to look out for on the album. “The song was recorded live with a band and features well known and award-winning American gospel rapper, DA Truth. Romans 10 inspired the idea: 17 - So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God. We wanted to highlight the main purpose and call for all believers, people will not know unless we tell them,” he adds.

Another notable song he says is Repetitive, which is somewhat a personal struggle song. “It reiterates the fact that we do not escape the challenges of being a human, just because we are believers and sometimes, we go through the same dark place over and over again. Yet, God in His infinite grace still loves us. So, we lift our eyes to Him, not because we are better people but purely because of His grace,” Newman explains. 

Truth is a warning. “Basically, the song guides against the spreading of false prophesies and the mushrooming of institutions that use God’s name for self-gain,” he says. Newman adds that Jerry Just Klaxic produced the album. “We collaborated with other gospel associate such as D-Naff, Maranatha, Pride, Dex, AB, Zasha, Esme-Song Bird,” he notes.

He mentioned the industry has proved to be very diverse, which he said is that aspect that gives the duo a push they need. “It is also clear that there is no competition but that’ there is enough for everyone to reach the peak. So diversity is the greatest motivator for us,” Newman stated. 

Asked about their plans, Newman shared with excitement their annual Victory Fest happening very early next year. “We also have our month long music tour to the USA next year, following the one we had in June this year and networking has given us more platforms over that side than we could imagine,” he remarked.
He concludes saying, “when the public forgets our names, may they remember that of Jesus”. Adding, “It is the duo’s desire that we decrease and that Jesus increases”. 

Tickets to the album launch which will be available at the door for N$150 and are selling for N$100 at Antoni’s Art, while VIP tickets cost N250.  After the launch, the album will be available at Antonio’s Art for sale.

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2018-11-23 10:28:19 | 1 years ago

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