• July 5th, 2020

Liz Ross back to host AfriNam Influencers

WINDHOEK- Former One Africa’s Yo! Countdown presenter, Liz Ross, is back at what she does best ‑ presenting in front of the camera.

This time around, the bubbling presenter will be hosting a 5-minute segment on Fridays called AfriNam Influencers, produced by Digital Marketing Agency. The show will be centred on influencers doing the most in the country whether they are musicians, actors or fashionistas.
Liz’s first guest was none other than Albertina Hamukwaya, aka DJ Alba, when the show premiered last week Friday. 

“Well, the influencers that we’ve interviewed thus far are all under our umbrella and these couple of episodes are just to introduce the public and the world at large to them,” she explained.
When quizzed about where viewers can watch the show, she informed this reporter that, for now, it is only created for social media with the intention of taking it to TV very soon.

She confessed to Entertainment Now! that family has kept her away from the limelight. “I have been busy raising my kids and my family. Which is very important to me,” she said.

The show will also focus on what the influencers have been up to, and what it is that they do in their daily lives. She will also delve into what makes them interesting and what makes them who they are today.
After years in the TV industry, she said she always stays true to herself and always believes in her abilities.
“The power of prayer is amazing, so don’t ever stop doing that. Always pray, continue to pray and believe in yourself and have mustard seed faith. Prayer changes you, ask me, trust and believe,” she said.

Strauss Lunyangwe
2019-10-11 09:28:17 | 8 months ago

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