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Local doctors restore sight of 350

2021-11-08  Nuusita Ashipala

Local doctors restore sight of 350
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ONIIPA - It was a joyous event at the Onandjokwe state hospital as three Namibian doctors restored the sight of 350 citizens last week. 

At the closing ceremony on Thursday, one of the operating doctors Ernst van der Merwe said the campaign was really special because it was handled only by Namibian doctors.

He said for many years, Dr Helena Ndume, the champion of the eye operation campaigns, had to source doctors from outside the country.

“And they really did a great job over the years, but we are getting enough doctors, and it is nice to say that this campaign was done by Namibian doctors,” Van der Merwe beamed.

Other doctors who were part of the campaign are Dr Ndume and Dr John ‘Onephillips’ Haipinge.

A beneficiary of the campaign, Elina Nehale from Omandongo in the Onayena constituency, was overjoyed to have her sight restored.

Nehale, who could not see for the last 10 years, ululated and chanted songs of praise for the doctors. “I was sent away several times at Oshakati, and I was finally happy to be put on the list here at Onandjokwe,” she added.

During her blind years, Nehale used to crawl to get around the house.

Fellow elderly Kaino Nambahu from Amuteya in the Onyaanya constituency was equally thrilled to have her sight restored after not being able to see for the last five years.

Meanwhile, the medical superintendent at the Onandjokwe hospital, Akutu Munyika, said they are in the process of getting an ophthalmologist so that patients can get assistance on a daily basis, instead of waiting for the eye camps.

The hospital has a long list of patients in need of eye services. 

Munyika reiterated that despite the limitations of resources and challenges in health such as Covid-19, the hospital has dedicated staff members.

Oshikoto regional governor Penda Ya Ndakolo also expressed gratitude to government through the health ministry for availing resources to assist fellow
citizens to have their eyesight restored.

2021-11-08  Nuusita Ashipala

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