• May 24th, 2019
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Local fighters win medals at Desert Storm II

WALVIS BAY - The Namibian Kickboxing Federation hosted the Desert Storm 11 boxing bonanza at Walvis Bay recently.
This particular championship serves as the national qualifiers and title fights as well as sub-Saharan championship title fights. 

Delano Müller – 14 (Atom Weight) Lesley !Hoaëb – 26 (Super Lightweight) and Julian Müller – 22 (Light Heavyweight) were crowned champions at the gathering and are the incumbent sub-Saharan title belt holders. Knowledge Myamhoka and Paulo Nunes claimed the championship belts with the pair in top form.

A total of 180 entries were received whilst the martial artists competed in Jiu-Jitsu, Krav Maga, Fitness, Kickboxing & Muay Thai. 

Apart from hosts Namibia, the under mentioned countries competed in the Desert Storm II Competition:
Angola, Brazil, Botswana, Germany, Swaziland, South Africa, Portugal, Zambia and Zimbabwe. 

Main event fights

Walter Chiteto (Zim) vs. Braulio Francisco (Angola)
David Machikiza (Zim) vs. Jonda Nchoba (Zam)
Abreu Ferreira (Ang) vs. Dwililo Chimidza (Bots)
Sipho Mthimkhulu (SA) vs. Veja Hinda (Nam)
Nilson Coelho (Ang) vs. Philimon Banda (Zam)
Martin Gunther (Nam) vs. PD Stoman (Nam)
Jacobus Potgieter (Nam) vs. Mdu Mahlangu (SA)
Actions Winya (Zim) vs. Jan Gouws (Nam)

Muay Thai Fight
Diogene Miranda (Ang) vs. Lucas Krause (Germany)

Title Fights
Muay Thai

Jonahan Banda (Zam) vs. Paulo Nunes (Angola)

RCFAI Champion
Knowledge Myamhoka (Zim) vs. Martins Mkhwebane (SA)

Sub-Sahara Title Fights
Delano Müller (Nam) vs. Thabiso Mkhwebane (SA)
Lesley !Hoaëb (Nam) vs. Bruce Gumbo (Zim)
Julian Müller (Nam) vs. Bafana Mayisela (SA)

Event organizers thanked parents and supporters for their attendance saying it’s important to support the youth in sport. 
“It was indeed an honour to host our international martial artists and the Namibian Team wants to thank them for coming to Namibia and I’m particularly proud of each student who fought because it takes courage to just step in the ring – therefore, I respect each participant,” reads a statement from the organizers.

 “The response was so overwhelming, and we already secured a team booking for Desert Storm III in 2019.  This year, Desert Storm II was bigger and better and attendance was excellent.”  

Sensei Bafana Mayisela also made use of the opportunity to applaud Anita and Phillip while acknowledging students for their commitment towards the uplifting of kickboxing standards in 

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