• July 5th, 2020

LPM, PDM in war of words

WINDHOEK - Tempers flared yesterday between the country’s official opposition party, Popular Democratic Movement (PDM) and the new kid on the block, the Landless People’s Movement (LPM) over comments made on social media by the latter’s deputy leader. 

LPM’s Henny Seibeb claimed in a WhatsApp message that PDM and Swapo were allegedly involved in secret meetings to plot against the LPM ahead of the November general election. 

In the message, Seibeb accused both PDM and the ruling party of allegedly holding secret plotting meetings aimed at rigging elections with a hope to extinguish LPM. 

“There is an unexpected fear that LPM would harness over 20 seats. Swapo fearing possible LPM radicalism and decline in their electoral support therefore wish to parade PDM with 10 substantive seats and one surplus seat, and “giving” LPM apparently three substantive seats plus one surplus seat,” reads part of the WhatsApp text by Seibeb.

However, PDM leader McHenry Venaani responding to this allegation yesterday said the claims by Seibeb are far from the truth.

He described the claims as a childish attempt on the part of the LPM, saying they have failed to impress potential voters. 

 “We have our eyes fixed on the goal, firstly to break the current two third parliamentary majority of Swapo, secondly to assume governance, and to fix our country,” Venaani said.
“We shall do all within our power to end the Harambee/Swapo maladministration, corruption and arrogance in power.”

Venaani said PDM under his leadership has set out to remain a formidable political formation in the republic. 

“Our objective and reason for existence is to give you Namibians creditable and responsible leaders, a leader who conform to principles that will guide our young men and women to become and remain citizens of stature,” he said. 

He said his party is committed to usher Namibians to individual and collective prosperity. 
“We are the alternative government to the current nightmare Harambee administration. PDM has been challenging Swapo’s running the electoral process. PDM has in the past six months engaged the ECN robustly in the opposition party’s ability to supervise the elections. We have been consistent in our demand for a tangible Voter Verification Audit Paper Trail on the EVMs,” he added.

Venaani said the text by LPM deputy leader paints a picture different from what LPM seeks to create. 
“It’s regrettable that the PDM is now forced to respond to superfluous, unfounded and laughable allegations levelled at the PDM and its leader, by some leaders of the LPM,” Venaani said.
“PDM has not campaigned for Swapo/Harambee, neither have its leader voted for Swapo nor have its leaders ever worked for Swapo. We aim to break the two, third majority and make no secret of it.”

Kuzeeko Tjitemisa
2019-10-08 07:33:38 | 8 months ago

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