• October 22nd, 2020

Luderitz without water since Monday

LÜDERITZ - Lüderitz residents have been without water since Monday evening due to the fact the town has been experiencing power outages on the main line powering NamWater boreholes and boosters which led to the water level in the Lüderitz Reservoir reduced to a paltry 21 percent.

Since Tuesday, NamPower technicians have been busy with the installation of a transformer from Windhoek and the town council closed the water from Monday night as a control mechanism.

Yesterday morning, the Lüderitz Town Council called an urgent meeting with the stakeholders, to inform them about the water crisis and to disseminate information on the way forward.

 Lüderitz Town Council Acting CEO Otto Shipanga and his management team informed the stakeholders that NamWater experienced some complications during the installation of the new transformer and this has impacted on the functionality of its pumps and the electricity reticulation supplying NamWater boreholes and the booster.

The affected areas are the ones on high grounds, while the few areas that are low lying experienced low water inflow. The Lüderitz Town Council promised that they are trying to control the water to reach the higher ground, but they cannot guarantee when the situation will be back to normal, as NamWater and NamPower are currently busy to solve the problem.
The town council further informed the local businesses and the community that there are some technical problems with the transformer and pumps, which NamPower and NamWater are busy working on. The NamPower team installed the transformer on Tuesday, however, this affected the pumps due to high voltage from the transformer. The Lüderitz Town Council will be rationing water for the duration of the crisis as they have an action plan in place to deliver water to residents until the situation is resolved.

They will continue to have constant communication with the community on the updates from the two entities who are working around the clock to resolve the situation. 
It said once the situation is resolved, the high areas will still experience low inflows of water compared to the low areas of the town.

The situation affected the learners, as they did not go to school from Tuesday.

Tuulikki Abraham
2019-03-14 09:52:43 | 1 years ago

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