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Luis Botha murder probe completed

2018-08-16  Selma Ikela

Luis Botha murder probe completed
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WINDHOEK - Internal police investigations into the murder case of Alina Kakehongo, 24, shot dead by her ex-boyfriend at Luis Botha to determine if the police were negligent in dealing with the matter that sparked public outrage is now complete.

She was shot dead by before her boyfriend; a police officer took his own life by shooting himself in the head, in the presence of shocked fellow shop workers at the popular retail shop in Windhoek.
The Inspector General of the Namibian Police, Sebastian Ndeitunga assembled a crack team of senior officers to thoroughly investigate how the police dealt with the case.

Speaking to New Era yesterday, Namibian police spokesperson Deputy Commissioner Edwin Kanguatjivi revealed that the investigation has been completed and those who were tasked to carry the investigation are busy compiling the report which is expected to be handed to Ndeitunga next week.

Appropriate action would then be taken, Kanguatjivi stated.
Kakehongo was gunned down by police officer, ex- boyfriend Samuel Shali Nghihepa, 28, a day before opening a case of assault through threatening at Otjomuise Police Station.

Nghihepa had ended the relationship some time back, and started a new relationship with another woman.

Months later, he wanted to get back together with Kakehongo, who refused to rekindle their relationship. It was her refusal that apparently angered Nghihepa, who started harassing her.
The late Kakehongo who started approaching the police from July 18, visited several police units including the community policing, Windhoek operations, Internal Investigation Department (IID) and all members insisted she opens a case.

The day before she was killed, the police insisted Kakehongo would not leave Otjomuise police station without opening a case, although she only wanted Nghihepa warned and his service pistol confiscated from him but this was not done.

Ndeitunga last month summoned police members who were on duty at the time the deceased opened a case at Otjomuise police station to a meeting at his office. Ndeitunga also summoned commanders, including the police station commander at Otjomuise, Windhoek, and members who were on standby on the day before the victim was killed. After the meeting, a team of senior officers was then assembled.

“There were blackmailing. Kakehongo refused to press charges until finally the police insisted she should lay charges, that’s when she finally agreed and opened the case, that was just hours before the murder took place,” stated Kanguatjivi.

2018-08-16  Selma Ikela

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