• April 22nd, 2019
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Maila Kouture shows new collections


Pinehas Nakaziko Windhoek-The founder and owner of the Fashion and Lifestyle Brand, Maila Kalipi, says Bloom is a collection inspired by the beauty and diversity of wild and domestic flowers. “The collection expresses the beauty of an individual blooming, just like a flower growing into its eminent form.” She adds that Bloom aims to carve out a position in the local fashion industry as Maila Kouture grows into a blossoming flower one petal at a time. After the fashion week, the brand, together with its partner, Melanin, will refocus their attention on their most anticipated event of the year tilted the ‘I am Fashion Extravaganza’ hosted by local entertainer Mappz. They have scheduled the event at the Oranjemund Town Swimming Pool on December 2. Maila says the theme of the event is in line with the historic milestone of elevating Oranjemund town to the same status as other towns. “Through fashion we will be celebrating and showcasing Oranjemund and its people’s character, abundant talents and its true heritage. Oranjemund is surrounded by rich biodiversity, and through the event, we hope to use some of these distinctive aspects to enhance the stage set and incorporate it in the garments.” The fashion extravaganza evening promises to be a spectacular event and the first of its kind in Oranjemund. Maila will showcase some of her best collections, with 10 garments each. The collections will include Bloom and a 2018 Spring/Summer Collection titled Aurum. In addition, it will feature a tribute collection dedicated to Oranjemund titled ‘I am Fashion’, as well as the haute couture collection. Maila will use a variety of fabrics such as organza, mesh, lace and silk, to create a chic and trendy range of collections. “The clothing is set to appeal to a wide demographic in the community and cater for a diverse age group,” she says. Explaining her collections, Maila adds that the haute couture collection is a handcrafted collection capturing the details of a blooming flower on a hot summer’s day in Namibia. The Aurum is a collection inspired by the first female Ancient Egyptian Pharaoh, Nefertiti, who ruled Egypt as a king. “It is a collection that merges power, fluidity and sexual freedom.” Another collection, ‘I am Fashion’, is aimed at adorning Oranjemund’s finest gems ‘the people’ with couture clothing incorporated with diamonds to represent the true beauty found in Oranjemund. The Maila Kouture brand has also partnered with Royaltee Photography, Jinels Modelling Agency and Tornado Food and Drink in Wernhil Mall to host a monthly lifestyle event with a specific theme open to the public. The event will have the title ‘The Weekender’ hosted by Tornado with Jinels Models, dressed by Maila Kouture, and photographed by Royaltee Photography. The Maila Kouture Fashion and Lifestyle Brand has signed a partnership deal with a creative agency, Melanin, a group of Namibian owned companies providing services in the form of arts.
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2017-11-03 10:28:43 1 years ago

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