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Man can’t recall wife’s murder

2022-11-21  Maria Amakali

Man can’t recall wife’s murder

A man, who is on trial for killing his wife with a hammer, claims he cannot recall what happened to his wife after he blacked out during their argument.

Inock Nalisa (32) is claiming to have had temporary amnesia and cannot recall some of the events that led to the death of his wife Petra Njakwabo Munikonzo (30) on 31 October 2020 at their marital home in Windhoek’s informal settlement of Okahandja park. 

The couple were together for three years.

Taking the witness stand on Friday before judge Christi Liebenberg, Nalisa narrated the events that led to his arrest and subsequent arraignment on charges of murder, read with the provisions of the Domestic Violence Act and defeating or obstructing the course of justice or attempting to.

According to Nalisa, on the morning of 31 October 2020, his wife left home for work but he remained behind because he had no taxi fare.

While at home, Munikonzo called him at around 12h00 to enquire why he had not gone to work after his co-workers alerted her of his absence. 

While on the call, his phone started experiencing technical issues and it switched off.

When he turned it on, he found an SMS from Munikonzo, which read: “If you do not go to work, I will show you my true colours”. 

Nalisa allegedly decided not to respond.

After that, he left the house. 

He recalled that he returned home at 19h00 in the evening. 

Upon his arrival, he found Munikonzo smoking dagga and drinking beer.

He extended a greeting, but Munikonzo did not respond. He allegedly proceeded to their bedroom, where Munikonzo followed him. 

While they were in the bedroom, Munikonzo slapped him twice with an open hand and later hit him once with a broomstick.

“I tried to grab the broomstick but she ran to the kitchen. She returned with a kitchen knife, provoking me to fight. I told her I did not want to fight,” explained Nalisa. 

He said Munikonzo’s cousin Beauty tried to intervene but she was allegedly told by the victim not to come between her and the husband.

Beauty then called Nalisa’s sister, who then requested to talk to him on the phone.

“My sister advised me not to fight my wife. I told her that I would not do it,” said Nalisa. 

While on the phone, Munikonzo allegedly started quarrelling louder and he gave back Beauty’s phone.

“After some time, the deceased came back with the kitchen knife and repeated the words, ‘you will see my true colours today’. She then tried to stab me,” said Nalisa. 

The two allegedly started wrestling for the knife, which later fell to the floor. Munikonzo tried to pick it but Nalisa pulled her by her dress. 

“She then grabbed my testicles and started twisting them. I was feeling dizzy and in pain. I blacked out and later found myself in the bushes,” narrated Nalisa.

He said he could not recall what had happened, but with the blood on his clothes and wounds on his chest, he remembered he was in a fight with his wife. 

He, however, did not return home. He remained in the bushes until 3 November 2020 when he handed himself over to the Wanaheda police station – despite not knowing what he had done.

State prosecutor Erick Moyo informed Nalisa that constable Nicko Mulisa testified that when he went to the police station to hand himself over, he told the police that he had stabbed his wife twice after an altercation. 

He also told the police that his wife was probably at the mortuary. 

Nalisa allegedly said he had been hiding in the bushes.

Moyo also informed Nalisa that on 31 October 2020, witnesses heard Munikonzo crying for help, saying “Beauty, Beauty, this man is killing me”. 

The State is alleging that on 10 August 2020, the victim opened a case of assault against the accused, resulting in his arrest.

However, during a subsequent bail hearing, she did not object to his release on bail for the reason he has to support his children, and he was released on bail on 20 October 2020. 

On 31 October 2020, another argument erupted between them, and he stabbed her multiple times with a knife or other sharp object, and he hit her several times on her head and body with a hammer, causing her death. 

He then covered her body with a blanket.

He fled the crime scene, however, and handed himself over at the Wanaheda police station two days afterwards.

 The trial is ongoing in the Windhoek High Court. 


2022-11-21  Maria Amakali

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