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Man facing murder over N$30 cleared

2019-06-25  Maria Amakali

Man facing murder over N$30 cleared

WINDHOEK - Windhoek Regional Court acquitted a man on a murder charge for having caused the death of Calvin Uriseb, 25, over N$30 three years ago. 

Magistrate Elina Nandago set Raymond Matroos, 28, free saying Matroos had a right to defend himself against Uriseb who attacked him over N$30.

“One cannot wait to be killed first by the attacker and one cannot select where he can stab a person who is storming at him,” said Nandago. 

Matroos was facing a charge of murder for what the state presumes as an intentional an unlawful killing of Uriseb on December 12, 2015. 
Uriseb died from a single stab wound to the chest. 

According to state witnesses, Uriseb and Matroos were together on the date in question. It is alleged the pair decided to gather money amongst themselves in order to buy dagga. Matroos contributed N$30 and Uriseb was supposed to contribute N$20, which he failed to do. The witnesses testified that Uriseb and Matroos failed to purchase the dagga although having visited multiple homes to make the purchase. Having failed to buy dagga, Matroos demanded his N$30 back from Uriseb. An argument erupted between the two.
 Uriseb was allegedly seen swinging a knife that he had drawn from his pocket. 

According to Matroos, the knife fell down from the hands of Uriseb who appeared very drunk. He allegedly grabbed it, stabbed him with it, and walked away. Matroos testified that he feared for his life at the time. 
According to the court, the attack on Matroos was eminent. Thus, he had the right to use whatever means nearby to protect himself.

“I have no doubt that the accused had no intention to kill the deceased and I doubt that the accused carelessly or negligently stabbed the deceased,” explained Nandago before clearing Matroos on a charge of murder. 

2019-06-25  Maria Amakali

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