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Man found guilty of relative’s death

2018-11-09  Maria Amakali

Man found guilty of relative’s death
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WINDHOEK – The Windhoek Regional Court convicted a Windhoek resident for the death of his relative. 
Magistrate Elina Nandago convicted Benny Goliath on a charge of murder for the vicious attack and stabbing to death of his cousin Jacques Geingob on January 15, 2014 in Katutura.

Handing down judgment, Magistrate Nandago noted that Goliath intentionally attacked and killed Geingob who was defenceless. In addition, Geingob was running away from Goliath when he tripped and fell. 

On November 06, 2017, Goliath took a no-guilty plea to the count of murder at the start of his trial. In his defence, he allegedly acted in self-defence when he fatally stabbed Geingob. During his testimony, Goliath testified that Geingob and one Errol Enrich Geingob were assaulting him, thus he stabbed the deceased in order to defend himself. 

According to three state witnesses, Goliath stabbed Geingob while he was defenceless on the fateful date in question. They all testified that there was a fight earlier but it ceased and they parted ways. The witnesses informed the court that they were having drinks with Geingob and Goliath when a fight broke out between Goliath and another friend. The reason behind the fight was that Goliath felt insulted by the group. 

According to their testimonies Goliath stormed after Geingob with a knife. Although Geingob was fleeing from Goliath, he eventually caught up with him after he tripped and fell to the ground. The witnesses testified that after Geingob fell to the ground, Goliath started stabbing him.  

Before fleeing the scene, the witnesses had asked him if he was the person who had stabbed Geingob and he replied, ‘Yes, I am the top jita in this location.’ 

With the three testimonies, the court concluded that the state proved beyond reasonable doubt that Goliath intentionally stabbed and killed Geingob. Geingob will make a return in court today for submissions before sentencing.
Goliath is being represented by defence counsel Mbanga Siyomunji with Menencia Hinda prosecuting. 

2018-11-09  Maria Amakali

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