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Man left in anguish after lover fakes pregnancy

2020-04-15  Obrien Simasiku

Man left in anguish after lover fakes pregnancy
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OMUTHIYA – Joy turned into heartbreak after a self-employed Tsumeb resident discovered his girlfriend faked her pregnancy and the premature death of the supposedly born twins.

The woman apparently hoodwinked him to think she was pregnant and she supposedly delivered twin girls on 8 April but sadly two days later, he was informed by the girlfriend, whose name is known to New Era, that their newly-born babies had ‘passed on.’

He only discovered on Sunday after he, in the company of his family, decided to visit the homestead of the woman’s family outside Ondangwa to workout funeral arrangements and logistics. The woman who faked both the pregnancy and the demise of the twins initially refused to allow the man’s family, who reside in Windhoek where she claims the babies were delivered and passed on, to assist with the burial preparations.

“What puzzled me was that the girl did not want my family who is in Windhoek to go visit the house where people were gathered to mourn. She rejected that idea, saying she was heartbroken and she was not prepared to meet them. As a father, I was disturbed and I had to do something so that my daughters could be laid to rest, and that is when I travelled from Tsumeb and asked family members to accompany me to their village to meet with elders,” narrated the man as he shared his ordeal.

“However, to my surprise and to that of my family, we were greeted by my girlfriend as we approached the house; everyone was shocked to see the person who is believed to be in Windhoek to be in the north. She tried to block us from entering the house, suggesting we discuss the matter outside, but that was already too late. We entered and spoke to her family, who were equally astonished upon hearing such a tale.”

The two lovebirds were in a distance relationship, as they lived in separate towns.
 According to the man, he does carpentry work; as a result, he travels a lot and never really got to see the girlfriend often. 
“When I was free to meet her, she wasn’t available – little did I know this was just a scam for her to continue milking me. I have been supporting her financially and in-kind since we began this relationship. I had to open an account just for her and the ‘babies’ in which I had invested N$37 000. I gave her the pin and card on 1 January, but now it is only N$17 500 remaining; the rest she spent on herself,” stated the man, who now wants to approach the traditional courts to seek justice as advised by his family. Furthermore, he says, he spent over N$20 000 on her since they started dating. Another shock was that on Sunday, he found out she had a second child aged three but she had sweet-talked him to believe she only had one child aged six. “This girl is a top liar and deceiver; she has been hiding things. Therefore, I would like to advise fellow men out there that we should trust our women wisely – never give it all because some have proven to be devils in a sheep’s skin,” he said.  Efforts to get comments from the accused proved futile as her number went unanswered.  –

2020-04-15  Obrien Simasiku

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