• September 20th, 2019

Man stabbed by his sibling

WINDHOEK – A man who was apparently inebriated after an all-day drinking session was seriously injured after he was allegedly stabbed by his own brother whom he provoked in Khomasdal.

According to relatives who witnessed the unfolding of the ugly scene, the man aged 38 was provocative and picked a fight with his brother who in turn seriously stabbed him. According to the men’s sister, the older brother ran to fetch a knife and returned with an object that he used to stabbed his own brother. 

When the City Police arrived at the scene in the company of media, the injured man refused to be loaded into a police van that was to take him to hospital where he was expected to sober up and come to his senses. This happened over the recent payday weekend when several people lost their lives. According to their mother this was not the first time the injured man disturbed people at home. “Please help me get them out of here, both of them must go,” said the mother who lamented she is tired of the constant fights involving her sons.

In a separate incident, a 30-year-old mother of three in Otjomuise was warned after she left her children home alone. The youngest is three months old. 

A neighbour alerted the City Police after they heard the baby crying.  The neighbour who preferred anonymity claimed the mother usually goes out and returns home drunk. The mother who returned home after learning the police were at her home, claimed she was singing at a church nearby. 

She said asked her aunt to keep an eye on her children and refuted the claim she usually leaves her minor children alone to go and drink 


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2018-09-05 09:18:09 1 years ago

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