• October 25th, 2020

Mandela’s life comes to life on paper

The imaginary Mandela Shikongo’s fight against trials and tribulations inspired Author Natasha Domingo to put the character’s life to existence in her new fictional novel, ‘Mandela’s struggles’, which will be launched today.
Many who know Domingo reckon she was born with ink in her veins, and she’s bubbling over with delight to launch her fifth novel, published by Microwide publishers.

The Business Information Systems graduate, passionate towards the pen industry, says she was in awe at just how easy it is to visualise something and put it on paper – and that’s how her dream for writing became a reality.
Speaking to Entertainment Now! about her new novel, the Windhoek-born writer says the story is about a resilient young man, Mandela, who defies unending odds he experiences.
“It narrates his life and the struggles he had to endure, and how he fought to have a better life,” she said, adding that it is an emotional drama that will leave the readers needing a box of tissues.

Asked what influences the idea of the book, Domingo said: “It was all in the mind. I have a habit of just sitting quietly and thinking about situations and how I would want them to end. That’s how most of my stories are born.”
Domingo, who has many tales to tell and great speciality in plot twists, says she leads the readers on and surprises them with something they least expect.
“As for characters, they are the first thing I develop before I even start writing. I just take random names and give them roles in the storyline. I usually start my novels as short stories; after I read through, I start coming up with plots and what I want to happen,” she explained.
As someone who strongly believes in the power of written words, Domingo said literature is important to young Namibians because it provides them with an endless stream of knowledge and also teaches them what is happening in the world at large.

“Through literature, I learn to value the struggles, the inspiration, the motivation, and the strength of people through their writing,” she stated.
According to her, Mandela’s struggles is highly recommended to teenagers or young adults about the struggles of life and how to overcome them.
“The story revolves around the life of a boy from a poverty-stricken family and I believe so many people can relate to that. It also talks about abuse and how it is important for women in general not to stick around once they get physically abused by their partners,” she further explained.
Despite the challenge of funds Domingo encountered during the publication of the book, she was fortunate enough to get sponsorship from a good Samaritan.
The 265-pages book is currently available and it will be sold for N$200.
- ashikololo@nepc.com.na

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