• July 12th, 2020

Mavis Braga-Elias launches website

Award-winning blogger, speaker, author, engineer and a jack of all trades, Mavis Braga-Elias launched her own website on Friday.

With a need to better present her work and make it as visually appealing as possible, Braga-Elias launched the website which she said will ensure the content is better curated for personal use.

Braga-Elias who is passionate about putting her thoughts into words, started her blogging journey in 2012. 

She has since impacted different personalities across Namibia and Africa. 
She writes about her journey of development and curates content that is intended to help facilitate the journey of self-discovery in an individual.

“My content particularly focuses on the inner person as I came to see that much of the content in the market is saturated in motivational messages that are primarily focused on success,” she stated, adding that she, however, saw a need to work with the inner man who is to attain the said success. 
She has been blogging for over eight years and last year won the Blogger of the Year award, awarded by the Simply You Lifestyle and Fashion Awards.

In addition to many of her achievements, Braga-Elias was recognised as one of the most influential women in business and government, in a category of Welfare and Civil Society Organisations last year in Sandton, South Africa.

She also writes for New Era’s Youth Corner where her column focuses on social reflection.
– ashikololo@nepc.com.na

Aletta Shikololo
2020-03-02 09:45:49 | 4 months ago

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