• September 26th, 2020

MICT bids emotional farewell to long-serving colleague

OMUTHIYA - The Ministry of Information and Communication Technology’s Oshikoto Region recently bade farewell to one of its long-serving staff member Vaino Mutota, who has served the ministry for 29 years.
He is described as a team player with a brilliant mind, a colleague who has helped and nurtured many talents throughout his career. 

 “We would like to congratulate you on your retirement. We enjoyed working with you during your well-deserved rest from civil government. We consider you as not only a valuable asset to us but an enjoyable presence in the office as well. We will continue with what you taught us,” said Simon Nghipunya, a sound engineer, on behalf of the employees.

“Retirement will surely offer you many opportunities which we know you will embrace wholeheartedly, just as you did with us here at MICT. We are positive that whatever the future holds, you will excel and continue to be successful.”

Family and friends further described Mutota as a cheerful colleague who had so much desire and enthusiasm on sharing and informing the masses – a role he played until his last day.

“I realised age was approaching, as he would always call me to assist him whenever he was stuck. We have not wavered since we started working together and travelled this country just to save our people. I am eight years away and hope to reach the line,” said Ben Tsoub, head of MICT Oshana Region.
Chief Regional Officer of Oshikoto Frans Enkali encouraged Mutota to continue playing an important role in society. 

 “Avoid stress and live the best of your life. Fight the chain of poverty even when you have retired; you still have a role to play,” stated Enkali, who will be retiring next year. 

Deputy minister of information Engel Nawatiseb expressed gratitude to having worked with a tested cadre through informing the nation. 

“I share special memorable moments, as I have been part of this house and industry before and have closely worked with you. I learned particular dynamics of the industry from this man; he was professional, a leader, and full of quality ethics. I regard this a special transition from a professional life towards a privatised life, where you have to spend more time with your family,” stated Nawatiseb.

On his part, Mutota thanked his colleagues for helping him serve the Namibian government and the nation at large.

“I would like to thank everyone. All I have done was to serve our government and its people. I am glad to say I am leaving this institution without having gone through a disciplinary hearing or warning letter. I am, therefore, grateful to leave as a happy man,” he exclaimed.

Obrien Simasiku
2019-12-11 07:40:44 | 9 months ago

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