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Mining, agriculture sectors less pursued

2018-10-30  Alvine Kapitako

Mining, agriculture sectors less pursued
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WINDHOEK – More Namibian students should be encouraged to pursue careers in fields such as mining and agriculture, given that the national economy is heavily dependent on these two pivotal sectors.

According to the recently launched study report titled “Towards maximising the demographic dividend in Namibia,” the current Namibian labour market is experiencing a mismatch of skills where graduates are being employed in the wrong fields. 

“This is to say that the country is experiencing a low supply of qualified human resources in critical areas such as agriculture and mining. As such emphasis should be placed on bridging the disparity between the supply of and demand for labour,” according to the report recently launched by the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) office. 

The government database indicates there are over 64 911 job seekers registered, a situation which according to the Ministry of Labour, Industrial Relations and Employment Creation is largely attributable to the fact that there appears not to be some interactions between institutions of higher learning and other training institutions with the labour market. 
“Graduates are therefore not able to find or create jobs for themselves,” according to the report. 

Further, it is highlighted in the report that the problem of skills does not merely lie with higher education institutions, as the labour market requirements and government intervention are equally instrumental. 

“There needs to be a symbiotic relationship between the industry and the higher education sector as well as more involvement to provide more opportunities for employment. The government’s role would be to provide a legislative, financial and facilitative environment,” according to part of the report. 

2018-10-30  Alvine Kapitako

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