• September 25th, 2020

Ministry offers free, basic ICT classes

OMUTHIYA - As part of the National ICT Summit the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology’s Oshikoto regional office offered free basic ICT classes to the youth in Omuthiya and surrounding villages.

Basic information and communication technology (ICT) skills are essential to the ability to operate a computer and are not only fundamental for employment opportunities but also contribute to the overall self-esteem and confidence of a human being.

 The seven participants were introduced to hardware and software as well as the internet. The unemployed youth  attended the course for a week.

According to the instructor, Paulina Moses, from the ICT ministry “the mandate of the ministry is to accelerate the use of ICT in Namibia. It is the vision of our government that each individual has access to ICT services and is able to utilise these services to improve their lives.”

She added: “All my participants were introduced to the computer for the first time. They learned how to type,  specifically their curriculum vitae as well as surf the internet and send emails. The fact that a young and able person has to travel to an internet café and pay someone to type their CV because they lack these basic skills is disheartening.”

Participants were enthusiastic and expressed their gratitude. 
“As I am speaking now, I know how to type. I can do my own CV and also my presentations through what I learnt in just a week,” said Hilia Julius.

Richard Gideon, another trainee, said: “If you do not know how to use a computer, it makes it difficult for you to get a job.”  

Fillemon Mupenda said: “I would like to say thanks for the classes because now I know how to use the computer and how to type my information by myself.”

The 6th ICT Summit began in Windhoek yesterday and is scheduled to conclude on Friday. 
Speaking at the launch of the summit in September, ICT minister Stanley Simataa said that the acceleration and integration of digital technology into all sectors should be maximised to advance Namibia’s development agenda.

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