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“Misunderstood” Gazza explains himself

2018-09-17  Pinehas Nakaziko

“Misunderstood” Gazza explains himself

WINDHOEK - Lazarus Shiimi aka Gazza has spill the beans on his much anticipated 12th upcoming album titled Misunderstood.

The album will be launched and distributed countrywide on November 30. Gazza says the album is almost done. He says he felt that he has been misunderstood by the nation about the things he has done in the past, and he just wanted to set the record straight about all the bad things people have heard about him.  “This is the only chance to give my side of the story and for the people to listen to me through my music and understand me better,” says Gazza, adding that this album is not to pick up beef with other artists or to hurl insults at the music industry, but to clear his name and image as one of the top artists in the country. 

Apart from this, the album is more of himself with less influences, expressing his feelings freely. “I wanted this album to be real me, hence I did whatever I felt at the time of recording,” says Gazza.  “Although I have used the same formula like on the previously albums, Misunderstood is more creative and I recorded all the songs myself and on my own space, without anyone telling me what to do,” he says. 

Ahead of the release date and as a foretaste of what to expect on the album, Gazza will officially release a single next week titled Chelete. He says the song is about the current economic crises the nation is facing, and what is currently in the country. “On this single (Chelete) I sing about the crimes that are increasing in the country, financial issues and how people are hustling to sustain themselves,” says Gazza. He adds that the message in the song is to explain to all Namibians that everyone is feeling the pinch. “This time should teach us to be creative, innovative and practice old skills to maintain our economy,” says Gazza.

Gazza has worked with different producers such as Dj Shoza, Pex Africa, Same-Lee Jones and Arrafat. To make it more exciting and to give it an international taste, he has also teamed up with internationally renowned artists such as B-Red from Nigeria, Episode from Ghana, Moonchild from South Africa and Natty O from Zimbabwe. 

Gazza is now also hard at work managing artists under his Gazza Music Production (GMP), Tequila and Dj Shoza, who are both working on their albums to be released soon. On September 22, Gazza will be headlining the Spring Fiesta (All White Party), promising nothing but the best.  “At this event, I will be giving out lots of energy and new dancing styles,” says Gazza.

He also promises that his CD launch on November 30 with the venue to be announced at a later stage, will strictly be live performances. “During the launch of my album, people must come to experience what Gazza is all about,” he signs off. 

2018-09-17  Pinehas Nakaziko

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