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ML to start record label

2021-08-02  Strauss Lunyangwe

ML to start record label

Maria Lisa Immanuel, popularly known as ML, continues to uplift the youth and empower those who do not have a lot.

She recently decided to, from next year onwards, take an upcoming artist in under her company called ‘Titanium Media’ – the label that also manages her own music.

ML said the idea of lending a helping hand stems from her regular interaction with upcoming talented artists, and most of them don’t have any clue how to start putting their music out to the world. 

“Most don’t have the capital for studio time, despite their talent. I see a future of Namibian sounds coming out of these young talents and it inspired me to scout talent which we can nurture, give a record deal to and launch.  It’s not only a record deal, it’s more like talent management and development support,” she told VIBEZ!

The economic researcher feels many young talents only dream to make music and live off it one day. 

“So, it’s important to uplift them, just like any other talent in other sectors. Also, we have to break that gap where upcoming artists can’t have a soft landing because it’s not created. We can’t wait to make it first then invest back – we have to build as we climb up. That’s my motto.” 

Last year, she offered entrepreneurship lessons through seminars to aspiring entrepreneurs and recently, gave away N$1 000 for eight weeks to lucky fans as part of promoting her new album ‘Money Music’.

The album achieved platinum status, according to, an entertainment and viral information publishing hub. 

“It’s really a rewarding feeling knowing there are people out there who appreciate my work and love my music… truly inspiring and encouraging to keep going.”

ML said she is passionate about music and it helps her relax after a long day. 

“For the past years, I had it tough in my professional life and would always find comfort by recording music. So, I guess, the busier life I have, the more music I make… if that makes sense. Lol!”

To stand a chance of getting a record deal with ML, upcoming artists are urged to tag ML on videos of them singing to their songs.

“We will have to select those we feel have potential. We will have a panel to help get the right talent we’re looking for. All this information will be packaged and shared on our social media,” she concluded. -

2021-08-02  Strauss Lunyangwe

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