• October 22nd, 2020

Mootseng: Do well and inspire others

Earth Angels Network Namibia is a non-profit organisation which was established in 2016 to do good deeds and inspire others to do the same through mentorship. “I have always wanted to have a mentorship programme,” said founder Helena Mootseng.

She told Youth Corner there is a lot of expectations from entities to do well and contribute to society, while there is a capacity from locals to do the same.
“I got tired of speaking about doing it and decided to get up and personally do it. I asked myself if I am going to be that person who constantly complains and has problems, or to do something about it. It’s not only government that can do this but collectively, we can also come together and make necessary changes,” said Mootseng, who to date has mentored about 30 young Namibian girls.

The focus for Earth Angels is revolved around mentorship. “It was a personal approach, a reflection as I took into consideration the challenges I experienced while growing up,” she outlined.

Earth Angels went to different schools, spoke to guidance teachers and requested assistance to determine which girls from their classes needed to be on the programme. They then organised a sit-in with these girls and their parents to inform them about the mentorship programme.

The mistakes Mootseng made in life and things she could have avoided prompted her to venture into a mentorship role. “All of these wouldn’t have happened if I had someone who was committed to helping me make better choices in the past,” said Mootseng.

Through mentorship, Mootseng feels her life could have made a significant difference in many ways. “I felt things could have been a lot easier if there was a mentor, especially with things such as the assistance one needs when it comes to studies,” she stated.
One other element that further pushed her to take girl mentorship seriously was social media. “I was also tired of seeing girls make mistakes, especially on social media, in instances where they were exposed by some boys in intimate ways. The issue of baby dumping is another,” she detailed.

While having discussions with the girls, the main focus as far as mentorship is concerned was raising aspirations and helping them believe they can achieve their goals. “Hard work pays and there is a need for them to get up and act on certain things. There is a certain level of participation that is required of them,” stated Mootseng.

Apart from this personal intervention on her part, she wanted the girls to become friends to encourage one another, as some of them came from challenging backgrounds.
“Mentorship takes time. I did the first batch, went for a break and I want to pace myself and do it with all my heart. This year, Mootseng would like to look for scholarships for young Namibians. “The mentorship continues. Ideally, I want to approach certain organisations to look for scholarships and link up prospective students, preferably in the field that I am in, which is public relations,” she ended.
– psiririka@nepc.com.na

Paheja Siririka
2020-02-05 09:23:02 | 8 months ago


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