• September 30th, 2020

Mpungu villagers without water

RUNDU - Mpungu villagers in Mpungu Constituency in Kavango West are enduring a shortage of water. Their livestock are  also affected as their community borehole constantly breaks down and relies on dinging earth dams known as “matope.”
“We are thirsty, especially our livestock,” said the Mpungu Village Development Committee (VDC) chairperson Jason Manyengo.

“There are three boreholes that were drilled here in 2017 by NamWater but the facilities to pump and store water are not yet installed, so they are not in use yet,” he said.
Manyengo said through the Kavango West Regional Council, a project is in the pipeline to put up a potable water pipeline which will serve as a relief for the villagers. 

“If that project takes off, then we will be sorted,” he noted.
Apart from water, Mpungu village just like the entire Namibia didn’t receive much rain to enable villagers to cultivate their mahangu fields and they are also facing a dire drought. They hope to benefit from the government drought relief programme.

John Muyamba
2019-05-23 09:19:14 | 1 years ago

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