• February 18th, 2020

Mr. Diamonds releases Finally… finally

Paheja Siririka

WINDHOEK – Signed under DMoney Music, Mr. Diamonds released his song dubbed Finally last week, a collaboration with Nigerian producer Brown Klaxic. 

Mr. Diamonds told Entertainment Now! the song is one of many they have created. “The inspiration for the song is all about acquiring things you yearn for in life and making sure you achieve goals set,” explained Mr. Diamonds about the track.

The rapper, who is not an outsider to the music scene is optimistic on taking on the hip-hop industry with a fresh new sound. In Finally, he deserted most of his usual trap sound which is a panache of electronic dance music (EDM) that was patented in the late 2000s and early 2010s. “We were trying to be more creative with the trap sound,” Mr. Diamonds explained. 

Crossing over to the current trending afro beats and dancehall vibes from his usual trap style is something he envisioned while working with Brown Klaxic. The song is rich in terms of delivery and has an immense African touch. The song, 2:55 long and accessible on Namibia’s music platform Donlu, has so far been listened to more than 700 times and downloaded more than 100 times. 

Mr. Diamonds wants music enthusiasts to eavesdrop to music with keen interest. “People should invest more time in listening to music, especially good quality music,” said Mr. Diamonds. In terms of the status of the music industry in Namibia, the artist was optimistic. “We are doing alright, I feel more can be done to enhance and improve on the work,” he said, adding that the likes of Lioness are doing well right now in the hip-hop industry and should be commended.

Mr. Diamonds informed Entertainment Now! he has been very busy making music. “I have enough material for an album but won’t be releasing one now,” he said. “Quality is important, nowadays rappers just want to make music, but it’s way more than that,” he said. 

Born in Angola and growing up in Namibia, Mr. Diamonds looks up to the likes of DMX, Jay-Z, Meek Mill and locally Kanibal, Tesh and the late Catty-Cat. 

“I have worked with great Namibian hip-hop artists, the likes of Dice, KK, and Desmond. I am ecstatic about this new project and will challenge myself to create good music for my supporters,” said Mr. Diamonds. 
Entertainment Now! rates this song an 8/10. Well done to the duo.

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2019-06-24 10:16:33 | 7 months ago

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