• June 3rd, 2020

MTC boosts Gross Barmen with network upgrades

WINDHOEK - The ongoing plans by the Mobile Telecommunications Limited (MTC) expand network services in both rural areas and urban peripheries have seen the Namibia Wildlife Resort (NWR) – Gross Barmen Resort site being the latest beneficiary of a long overdue upgrade from 2G to a commissioned 3G enabled infrastructures.  

As part of its national network improvement infrastructure program christened 081Every1, MTC recently upgraded its network sites within the locality of Gross Barmen from 2G to 3G. Owing to the fast growing network traffic volume growth in many parts of the country and the spike in accessible of data driven or enabled devices, MTC as part of its   core strategic endeavour aimed to enhance and provide high level of excellence and satisfactory telecommunications network coverage and internet speed to customers. 
Expressed Tim Ekandjo, Chief Human Capital and Corporate Affairs at MTC “Statistics have indicated that sound network infrastructure contributes to the attraction of tourists to the country, and we are particularly pleased with not just the Gross Barmen upgrade, but also with the rest of all our upgrades which are underway across the country as we speak.  

3G network upgrades in rural settings is preparation in advance paving way for the 4G network which is currently enjoyed in urban areas only”. 

“As NWR we value the role that MTC has played to ensure that telecommunication is facilitated smoothly throughout the country. The current upgrade of Gross Barmen to 3G is very welcome, as it will ensure that visitors remain connected throughout the resort. This is vital because they can share their experiences immediately thereby creating awareness of our hidden gems,” says Mufaro Njabulo Nesongano, NWR corporate communications and online media manager. 

Gross Barmen Resort is located around 100 km from the capital city of Windhoek, nestled on the banks of a tributary of the Swakop River. Set between rows of palm trees, green lawns and many pleasant walks, the resort is ideal for all ages.  As a haven for local and international tourist, Gross Barmen includes facilities for spa & wellness, fitness, recreation, and leisure. The main attraction of the resort is the health and hydro/ medical spa centre, featuring thermal springs and providing a full range of treatments, massages, and health activities for relaxation. 

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