• June 5th, 2020

MTC sets aside N$1 million to help fight coronavirus

MTC has embarked on an aggressive response strategy to help fight Coronavirus, setting in motion a plan to be funded with N$1 million. The funds will be distributed to different critical areas as per the strategy, including information sharing, education sharing, prevention, facility investment, as well as service delivery.
“Whilst we have implemented a wide range of precautionary measures to protect our employees and by extension their families so that we assure their peace of mind at work and at home, we are, however, aware that our responsibility cannot stop with our employees only, hence why we are making available an amount of N$1 million with an effective well-crafted strategy to assist fellow Namibians during this difficult time,” said MTC’s CEO Licky Erastus. 

MTC management has stated the sharing of correct and accurate information about the virus is of paramount importance. Through the strategy, MTC will assist in information sharing by sending text messages to its estimated 2.5 million subscribers on a weekly basis. 

MTC has also committed to free usage of its Emergency Response application called “Save my City”, which the ministry of health can use for instant notifications and warning signs around corona. This app is interactive, users can also report on it, and is considered one of the best means to dispel fake news around the virus. Customers will be able to download the app for free and it becomes an interactive way to communicate with the nation. 

MTC has also committed to making its 24-hour call centre available with staff members so that Namibians can get assistance on a 24-hour basis should they require any information. In addition, MTC has zero rated all calls to the national emergency response number 0800100100. 
The mobile telecommunications company will also invest into the required and most pressing facilities and equipment that will assist medical personnel in the execution of their duties. Medical personnel will also be assisted with airtime to ensure they remain connected at all times as they fight this virus. 

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2020-03-27 08:09:03 | 2 months ago

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