• June 5th, 2020

Music, language focus at DHPS 

WINDHOEK- This Friday sees the opening of the Orchestra Week of the German Schools in Southern Africa in the auditorium of Deutsche Höhere Privaschule (DHPS Windhoek), one of the main attractions of the “German Weeks”.
Preparations were in full swing, the school premises were creatively decorated with musical elements and the rehearsals became more and more professional before the big day, the Friday. 

Since Monday flute and violin sounds, brass melodies and percussion rhythms have been filling the DHPS campus. 
About 120 musicians and their musical instruments arrived safely in Windhoek with all participants finding their host families and the rehearsals with the renowned South African conductor Alexander Fokkens and the music teachers of the Ger-man schools in Windhoek, Pretoria, Cape Town and Johannesburg are running at full steam. The major musical event was already advertised by the learners of the DHPS) in advance. Last Friday they organised a flash mob and adapted the well-known “Cup Song” for the Orchestra Week. 

Learners  are demonstrating a playful, artistic and creative approach to German during the Long Night of the German Language. Before the concert begins, the audience can take part and try out the many linguistic and culinary treats from four O’clock in the afternoon onwards. 

Besides for the German Weeks, the DHPS is also celebrating 110 years of its existence, and of course with you and with this gastronomic and cultural highlight.

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2019-03-06 10:54:01 | 1 years ago

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