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My candid view - At this point, Ranga needs everyone’s support

2021-03-26  Otniel Hembapu

My candid view - At this point, Ranga needs everyone’s support

Otniel Hembapu

This week, a letter surfaced on various social media sites and was equally leaked to the mainstream  media, wherein the president of the Namibia Football Association (NFA), Ranga Haikali, wrote to newly appointed CAF secretary general Véron Mosengo-Omba.

In the letter, dated 23 March 2021, Haikali wrote to Mosengo-Omba informing him about the ongoing war between himself and the disreputable Progressive Forces group and how they [the Progressive Forces] are trying to topple him from the NFA presidency.

Haikali, in the letter, goes on to rubbish allegations levelled against him by the NFA’s first vice-president Isaack Fredricks, who accuses Haikali of disregarding the constitution, undermining the NFA executive, and also claims that Haikali is oppressing the association’s secretary general Franco Cosmos.

But I don’t want to waste much time reflecting on the raft of allegations brought against Haikali by the somewhat compromised Fredricks; allow me to rather focus on the ongoing concern around the continuous interference by the Progressive Forces group in internal NFA matters.

In my many writings, I have time and again cautioned against Haikali going into any dealings with the disruptive Progressive Forces group, who claim that they are the ones who ‘wheelbarrowed’ Haikali into the NFA’s top position. How they [Progressive Forces group] wheelbarrowed Haikali into that positon remains a story for another day.

But what is however of importance at this point in time is that the Progressive Forces group has to go, and it must go by all means necessary! It will not be an easy fight for Haikali to get rid of the Progressive Forces as their connections and influence are rooted deep into the various corners of the NFA’s Football House. 

The Progressive Forces group has loyal insiders at Football House, who leak and disclose confidential information to them at the slightest request. You see, for most members of the Progressive Forces group, the agenda is bigger than just capturing the NFA and its presidency. 

To them it is a matter of survival through the siphoning of tenders and securing dubious employment opportunities, and mind you, they are prepared to fight whoever wants to take their ill-gotten bread out of their mouths.

Haikali writing to CAF and FIFA is indicative of how serious this fight is and it equally shows you how deep the Progressive Forces group have captured Football House – therefore I’m saying the fight to get rid of the Progressive Forces needs everyone on deck. Getting rid of the Progressive Forces group is not only about freeing the NFA, but it is largely about freeing domestic football from the poisonous influence of that infamous group. 

Personally, I have had my own run-ins with Haikali and we have had our fair share of fundamental disagreements on various issues, but I’m happy that he has finally heeded the advice to unshackle himself from the oppressive chains of the Progressive Forces group. I’m also glad that he is starting to stand his ground as NFA president and is finally realising that he is the head of Namibian football, not the Progressive Forces.

But as I said, to get rid of the Progressive Forces group will need more than just Haikali alone, it requires the skills and bravery of bold men and women who have the best interest of Namibian football at heart. I for one have since day one been at the frontline fighting for the welfare of our players and will continue to speak truth to power without any fear or contradiction. Until next time, sharp sharp!!

2021-03-26  Otniel Hembapu

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