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My candid view - I foresee a tough year ahead for Ranga

2021-01-29  Otniel Hembapu

My candid view - I foresee a tough year ahead for Ranga

If recent reports that secretary general of the Namibia Football Association (NFA) Franco Cosmos was given a three-year contract by the NFA executive committee led by its president Ranga Haikali are anything to go by, then local football enthusiasts should brace themselves for a long ride this year.

Why do I say so? I’m looking at two things here: firstly, I think it is a great idea to offer Cosmos a three-year contract that will lapse with the term of the current NFA executive committee – and through such an approach, the NFA will avoid the mistake of giving birth to a powerful and overly-influential secretary general who could potentially influence who becomes the NFA president after Haikali is gone.

Giving secretary generals long-term employment contracts negatively and positively plays both ways. On the one hand, giving secretary generals long-term employment contracts ensures business continuity and the smooth transition of leadership at FA’s – but on the flip side of it, long-term contracts are a danger because overtime, they tend to give secretary generals undue power, uncontrollable influence over the entire operations of the FA – and sometimes, that power reaches the point where the secretary general gets to influence who becomes president of the FA.

I think it’s a wise decision by Haikali and his executive team to grant Cosmos a three-year contract because that way, it will be easy to have all checks and balances in place to ensure Cosmos’ power and influence does not go unchecked and remains in harmony with the overall mandate of the NFA executive.

Had the NFA given Cosmos a five-year contract as many people demanded, it would have been good for business continuity and would allow a smooth transition when the next leadership takes over – but I also say it is dangerous because that would mean Cosmos will have another extra two years beyond the term of the current executive to solidify his stronghold over the NFA secretariat, and such power and influence will put the NFA in a strenuous position when the next president takes over, as he or she will be faced with an unchallengeable and overly-influential secretary general.

I foresee a looming battle within the infamous pro-Haikali “Progressive Forces” group, which is a group that has been illegally and unconstitutionally influencing the strategic direction of the NFA from outside since last year. Haikali should expect a challenge from some of his “Progressive Forces” members, since some wanted Cosmos to get a five-year contract, as that will further advance their agenda, while some supported Cosmos getting a three-year contract.  

I advise that Haikali should be prepared for onslaughts and backbiting from some of his own pals, or else he must make a bold decision and distance himself from the “Progressive Forces” group for the greater good of local football. Until next time, sharp sharp!

2021-01-29  Otniel Hembapu

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