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Mystery over decapacitated body on railway tracks

2019-04-01  Selma Ikela

Mystery over decapacitated body on railway tracks

WINDHOEK - Namibian Police Regional Commander Commissioner Silvanus Nghishidimbwa said a post-mortem will be carried out today to determine what caused the death of the woman whose headless body was found on the railway tracks near Game shopping centre on Friday. Nghishidimbwa said that this will explain how the head was separated from the deceased’s body. The decapacitated body of Elna-Marie Abbott, 29, was found on the railway track after she was initially reported as missing from Wednesday evening. 

At the scene, Abbott’s head was decapitated from her body and they laid about two metres from each other.   It is reported that her neck looked like it was cut with a sharp object. It is also reported there was no blood at the scene, where a packet of cigarettes and lighter were found.

New Era learnt that the train driver saw her body while coming around a curve on the track which prompted him to bring the train to a halt. It is also reported that the train didn’t run over her.

Nghishidimbwa said it is too early to say what was the cause of her death isi and they do not want to speculate.
He said they are investigating an incident in which a person died and until such a time they will know what caused the death, it is only two things, either murder – culpable homicide – or suicide.

Nghishidimbwa said the post-mortem results can be expected in a day or two. Asked if it will be shared with the media, he replied:   “No, it is a part of the docket. We will know what information to share with the public and what will be kept for docket purposes.”

Furthermore, Abbott’s missing car, a VW Golf 5 was found later on Friday mid-afternoon at the under-parking lot of a block of flats in Ausspannplatz. It is reported Abbott parked her vehicle on Thursday afternoon around 17h00 in the parking area. “The car was found with everything. Although we don’t know what exactly was there,” said Nghishidimbwa.

Abbott was reported missing after she posted ‘goodbye messages’ on a reunion group on Wednesday evening. According to Windy Engelbrecht whom the deceased grew up with her and was like a sister, they realised there was a problem after Abbott posted messages. They then started circulating information about her car thinking that if they got hold of her vehicle, they would get Abbott. 

Engelbrecht said since Wednesday evening Abbott’s cellphone was switched off and they couldn’t reach her. Her last MTC signal on her phone was at Hochland Park tower at 19h12. Abbott stayed with a friend in Kleine Kuppe and kept her personal belongings in her car. Engelbrecht said Abbott did not want to unpack  her car  as she was travelling between Windhoek and Tsumeb looking for work. The deceased left her job at a local hotel end of February where she was a manager for food and beverages.

2019-04-01  Selma Ikela

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