• April 23rd, 2019
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Nam celebs say ‘Goodbye 2017, hello 2018’


Jeremiah Ndjoze To many, home is the only place that we want to be when the festive season rolls around, but for others a Christmas getaway is a family tradition. Home or away, warm or cold, Namibians from all walks of life often go above and beyond when they get into that ‘Ke-December’ spirit – and the country’s home grown stars are not an exception. But while famous folks are known for having a knack for celebrating this special season with larger-than-life activities, for three of Namibia’s celebrities, lowering the curtain on 2017 was seemingly ‘business unusual.’ Globetrotting, hip-hop artist JBentley, real name Geingob Jesaja Angula told Entertainment Now this week that unlike the previous years, this December saw him not using his passport but stuck in the studio were he is laying some finishing touches on an upcoming musical project. “This time around I didn’t go out of the country. I spend my Christmas with my mom in Windhoek and on New Year’s Eve I was in the studio with my producer Araffath and friends Syclone and Rizzy Rizz,” JBentley said. The Zambian born, Namibian rapper eventually ushered the New Year in, at the City of Windhoek’s New Year Music Bash in the city center. Being on the grind also got the better of Marco ‘Hasho Kazanga’ Kazondana, one third of Namibia’s hit making outfit MasZanga, this festive season. Hasho maintained that while he could not go on holiday due to work commitments, he did not allow the turn of events to take the groove out of his festive season. “I met up with friends and family who were also stuck in the Capital and we had an eventful braai at home,” Hasho said. But unlike both JBentley and Hasho who had to think-up celebratory plans, award winning jazz musician Erna Chimu was less bothered. She was home alone but not lonely. “I don’t celebrate Christmas as it has no more values for me – for the past 8years,” Chimu told Entertainment Now, adding that she enjoyed the peace and quiet of not being obligated to cook or clean-up after people. Her kids, she said, are still out of town on holiday. …Message to masses Queried as to what her message is to the nation in the wake of the New Year, the straight talking Chimu did not mince her words when she called on Namibians to put an end to their procrastination and to spring into action. “It’s a New Year and nothing is going to change until you get out of that comfort zone and start writing, knitting, composing, producing , baking, etc. Just do something, anything, now,” Chimu said. She called on the youth to steer clear of chronic time stealers such as watching movies and spending hours on Facebook. “Take a look back at your life, reflect on the good things you’d loved to do but didn’t. Now is the perfect time to start. God only bless and help those that wants to help themselves... you do your best and HE will do the rest,” Chimu said further calling on the masses to work, work and work , ‘until work becomes fun.’ Also leaning on the Bible for inspiration, JBentley called on Namibians to put their ignorance and arrogance aside and to put God first in everything they do. “As Namibians we have lost faith in the Lord, this I believe is the reason why we’ve faced a lot of crime and corruption over the years,” JBentley maintained. To the music industry, the rapper called for unity and an end to nepotism. “We have one of the best sounds in Africa and the only way we can completely compete with the world is when we accept that any artist is a blessing to this nation,” he said. On his part, Hasho urged Namibians to love and respect one another at all levels of life. He called on his industry colleagues to hold hands and work together in cognizance of the popular mantra, ‘united we stand and divided we fall.’ “Why don’t we all make this year, the year we all become Millionaires. just imagine,” Hasho concluded. Hasho and his fellow group members, Armando ‘Zangaman’ Viringa and Reja ‘Key’ Tjihukununa are currently riding the wave of popularity with their current hit, Kontorola and an album, Delayed Millionaires, which is flying of the shelves.
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2018-01-05 09:50:47 1 years ago

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