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NAMAs’ nominees’ profile: Song of the year category

 Paheja Siririka

WINDHOEK - There have been issues on the Song of the Year category for the Namibian Annual Music Awards (NAMAs), especially regarding the vetting process. On social media, the NAMAs’ committee said the steering committee vets the most-played radio songs across Namibia. The top five most popular radio songs are then presented to the public for voting. The organising committee went on to state that the most voted song by the public from this list will then be announced as the winning ‘song of the year’ at the NAMAs.

Entertainment Now! spoke to the three artists, who have been nominated in the Song of the Year category, to find out how they came to produce the songs that are receiving massive airplay on radio stations across the country and how they feel about being nominated. These are Y’Cliff, Lioness and Gazza.
Y’Cliff Luipert
Y’Cliff – ‘Drowning In My Feelings’ 

“Firstly, I must say that when I found out my first original single was nominated for song of the year, it was surreal. Having my work recognised among some of the biggest musical names in the country is a win in itself. I’d say I’m electrified. This shows that local RnB has a future in this country.

I wrote ‘Drowning in My Feelings’ two years ago and it was commercially released a year ago. The reason behind this song is we, as human beings, find it harder to express ourselves when we are dealing with demons that are caused by heartbreaks. When a relationship that meant everything to me ended, I was lost and drowned in my feelings. My best coping mechanism has always been music, so I just poured out my hurt and regret in the hope of connecting with others that might be going through a similar situation. 

In terms of the music video, for the 3:50-minute duration of the song that has more than 10 000 views on YouTube, I decided to work with Varaakuani Hambira because she was the perfect fit to help me tell the story and she’s also professional which made me respect her even more – working with her was a great experience. I also had an opportunity to work with Penda Kamati, Lioness and Zach Kauraisa and they did a great job directing the video for me.

The video was a visual representation of the “Drowning in My Feelings” title. The ocean is a metaphoric symbol of the vast feelings that inspired this single. Just as the bathtub scene that displays how I’m drowning myself to block out the feelings – well not in a suicidal way but just in an overwhelming manner. The television represents the memories that are playing in my head.”

Latoya Mwoombola 
Lioness featuring Slickartie – ‘Bad’

“Getting nominated came as a surprise to me, I didn’t know it was a public’s favourite. Bad was written in 2017. It’s two sides of a story from a woman’s perspective of someone wanting her in a club or a social place and obviously, a man wanting this woman but knowing that there are more options in the club. It’s a fun, sexy and flirtatious song. I decided to feature Slickartie because he is an amazingly talented artist. I used to watch him perfume at the Warehouse Theatre. At first, I was sceptical at approaching him, then we got together. He is easy-going, we recorded his part in less than 10 minutes. 

In terms of the music videos, the content was to show Namibian fashion, our beautiful country, I wanted to incorporate Namibia as much as possible. The 2:54-minute song has garnered more than 36 000 views on YouTube since it was uploaded on April 3, 2018.”

Lazarus Shiimi
Gazza – ‘Chelete’

Chelete, which is slang for money, is a hit single not only enjoying airplay on Namibian radio stations but also across the continent. The 5:02-minute house track has garnered 1 403 174 views on YouTube as of the end of July 2019. 

“I set my ambitions high when I came up with the campaign to push for more views on YouTube. The music video cost me N$30 000-N$40 000 to make. There were many  things involved, the equipment that needed to be hired, the camera work, food, catering, the whole production from Ogopa, hiring the drone in the first scene. For a cheap budget video, it is being received well. Chelete is a single I released, which is lifted off from my album ‘Misunderstood’.

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