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Nambundunga a man of many capabilities – Geingob

2019-01-28  Helvy Shaanika

Nambundunga a man of many capabilities – Geingob

OSHIHOLE- Late retired major general Petrus Kagadhinwa Nambundunga was a man whose reputation preceded him. 
President Hage Geingob said at Nambundunga’s memorial service held at his residence at Oshihole village in Onesi Constituency of Omusati Region. He said throughout his lifetime, Nambundunga carried out every task given to him with discipline, dedication and skills. These ranged from being a young cattle boy in his village to being a political commissar, becoming and being an army commander and eventually a special advisor to the governor of Ohangwena Region. 

Nambundunga was buried at the heroes’ memorial shrine at Omugulugwombashe in the Omusati Region on Saturday. 
Geingob told mourners that apart from being a soldier, Nambundunga was a man of many gifts including writing but he had to forego his own personal pursuits for the freedom of the Namibian people.  “Comrade Nambundunga was definitely a man who lived an enviable life of character and virtue. Despite all his remarkable achievements over the course of his life; despite all his victories, successes and extraordinary feats, he remained humble and was never aloof or condescending.” 

“I recall receiving a report from the Governor’s Office, which was drafted by Comrade Nambundunga. I was so impressed by the quality of the report that I decided to choose it as a template to be used by all governors when reporting to me,” said Geingob. 

Nambundunga’s journey into exile took place in February 1975, when he and his friends crossed the border into Angola and ended up at Cassapa in the Cuando Cubango Province. It was here where he underwent his first military training. He later received further training at Kongwa in Tanzania. 

Upon completion of his training at Kongwa, he joined the Eastern Front in mid-1977 and was appointed as the Regional Political Commissar. 

“He succeeded against all odds and achieved a resounding success in instilling in the fighters, the highest level of bravery, dedication and sacrifice. In 1978, he had the opportunity to attend the Odessa Combined Military School in the Soviet Union, qualifying as a Battalion Chief of Staff,” Geingob continued.

Nambundunga played different roles in different positions as a senior army man. Founding President Sam Nujoma said with Nambundunga no more, his spirit of fearlessness, unwavering commitment and his loyalty to Namibia will continue to inspire the current and future generations of Namibia.  “He will be remembered for his immense contribution to the liberation of our motherland, Namibia,” said Nujoma. 

Widow Cecilia Nambundunga said she met her brave, hardworking, tolerant, humble, friendly, caring and peaceful husband in 1995, while she was studying teaching at the Windhoek College of Education. “I met him through my best friend, whose uncle was my husband’s friend. It all started when I used to visit my friend for weekends. Tate Peter, saw my photo that I gave to my friend and he couldn’t wait to propose,” she said. They got married three years later. 

She said although her husband was a family man, they mostly lived apart as he was always away with work. “I was so pleased when my husband retired [from the army] because that was the golden opportunity for us to live together in harmony. Little did I know, I was just dreaming. It was not long before he was appointed as a Special Advisor to the Governor of Ohangwena Region. 

That was very difficult for me to accept because I thought it was time for us to [finally] live happily together… But I said well, you are a servant of God’s people, you have my blessings to go to Ohangwena,” she said. Naemi Shoopala read her tribute. 

2019-01-28  Helvy Shaanika

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