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NAMC holds Pre-Marriage Seminar in Rundu

2018-10-30  John Muyamba

NAMC holds Pre-Marriage Seminar in Rundu
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RUNDU - Namibia Marriage Council (NAMC) held a Pre-Marriage Seminar and 1st anniversary celebration in Rundu for young people planning to tie the knot and those that wanting to make their marriages better.
The seminar started with a dinner on Friday and continued with the actual program on Saturday and it ended with the 1st anniversary celebration party Sunday.

The initial purpose of the seminar is to prepare those who are not yet married and those who are married but did not get training before marriage and intend to strengthen their marriage. 

Those seeking counselling were also attended to by experts from the Phillipi Trust Namibia
All participants received attendance certificates during the 1st anniversary dinner on Saturday.
“Our aim is to bring peace of the Lord at home, as we build a greater marriage for the glory of our God Almighty,” Paulus Mbandu Hawanga who is the founder and chairperson of Namibia Marriage Council.

“You remember that our elders used to call for prayers, they have been coming together in order to see how to curb gender-based violence, domestic violence and all the social evils taking place and people are going around but then one thing that I came to realised is that the family institution is under attack, its fragile, it’s actually why NAMC was born,” Hawanga stated.
Hawanga on the sidelines of the seminar said the motive is to bring harmony between men and women, husbands and wives.

Noting that in that way, peace will be at home and gender-based violence will be curbed.
Hawanga said they are mentoring young people who want to enter into marriage. 
“With this seminar, it’s just like one of those seminars that we used to do, such as marriage enrichment and relationship seminar, however, this is a pre-marriage because we are saying before and after, we want to encourage our people because we have noticed that many are preparing to get married, many are looking for that joy and excitement in life,” he said.

2018-10-30  John Muyamba

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