• January 25th, 2020

NamGospel United releases powerful song and video

Aletta Shikololo

WINDHOEK – Namibia Gospel United - a group of gospel singers across the country who collaborate to make music - hit another milestone by releasing a powerful song titled ‘No longer a slave to fear’. 

Despite that fact that gospel still has no major stronghold in the local music industry compared to other genre such as kwaito and hip hop, among others, NamGospel got Ster-Kinekor  Cinema 5 at Grove mall full at the release of ‘No longer a slave to fear’ music video on Friday.

“NamGospel United is a Christian body that unites all gospel musicians and singers across the globe, who wish to collaborate with other gospel musicians and singers in unity and faith,” said Namibian gospel singer D-Naff at the premiere.
Among others, the music video features local artists such as Lady May Africa and former hip hop star Jericho,  who recently migrated to doing gospel music.

 ‘No longer a slave to fear’  is not just an ordinary gospel music video. It has a powerful message which made the audience emotional and crave for the repeat.

Talking to Entertainment Now!, Jericho said transforming himself means a lot to him because it was planned by God.
Jericho, who caught the attention of the audience at the premiere, is still a rapper like he used to be but what differentiates the new him from the old self is the message his music conveys. 

Known for controversies and seductive dancing moves, Lady May Africa, formerly known as just Lady May, drastically transformed herself and she is seen in the music video looking all holy alongside gospel queens Maranatha and Lady Dyna.
“As music producers, we always try to deliver and in this case we didn’t only want to tell a story but to bring out something powerful, spiritual and anything any person can relate to. Lady May and Jericho are amazing artists to work with and transforming themselves is a right decision they made,” said Desert films producer Michael Basson.

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