• July 21st, 2019
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Namibia on tap, introducing the Roof of Africa Craft Brewery

WINDHOEK – Torsten Krumnow, co-owner and Director at Roof of Africa Hotel said he started the business as a backpacker 20 years ago.

But the business has grown rapidly, with Krumnow building and extending it until recently when he introduced Namibia on Tap, the Roof of Africa in-house beer brewing system that is part of a restaurant and first for Namibia.
Located alongside Nelson Mandela Avenue in Windhoek, Roof of Africa Hotel, Restaurant and Conference Centre offers air-conditioned rooms with free wi-fi. The fully furnished centre was recently renovated and extended to a tune of N$15 million in order to meet the clients’ demands where one can sit and relax at the shaded beer garden or swim in the outdoor pool.

Speaking to New Era this week, Krumnow said the Roof of Africa Craft Brewery is a microbrewery investment that cost about N$5 million dollars and is so far the only one in the country within the lodging facilities. “This special service is tailor made to meet our customers need, hence, a reason to visit Roof of Africa because no other outlets, hotels or restaurants provide the kind of service we offer,” he said.

He further said that the brewing system was built in Australia and was then imported to Windhoek, where they installed it in their restaurant in January this year. Brewing started in March. 

“The system requires different brewing temperatures controlled by a computer system where by craft beer is stored in the fermentation tanks on a 90 degree Celsius temperature for about four to five weeks before it completes the process to be consumed,” he remarked. Additionally he said these homemade beers are known for their easy drinking taste, supported with high quality ingredients from Germany. “We have so far brewed 64 times now. All of our beers are naturally brewed on site according to the Reinheitsgebot (German purity law) of 1516 and we use the finest natural ingredients, which are barley, hops and Naukluft pure spring water,” he explained.

On the subject of microbrewery, Krumnow indicated that they produce at least four types of beer styles for their customers. Firstly, he mentioned, The Roof Draught that has a striking resemblance to many international award winning lagers yet it stands out for its mind blowing crisp distinct aroma. “Also adding to the list is The Roof Unfiltered Draught, which strictly speaking should be ordered in the cellar, as technically it runs straight out of the fermentation tanks sample tap, making it a true reflection of craftsmanship at its best,” he mentioned. However he said, The Roof Pilsner on the other hand will leave a slight bitterness on your palate, reminding you of the beer that you just had, thus enticing you to order another one. The Roof Dark Lager completes the list. “This subtle unfiltered roasted flavour lends itself to a sundowner on the dark patio and no other better place than at the Roof of Africa Hotel,” he maintained.  

Asked whether these beer products are also available in other local liquor retailors, Krumnow stated that their brewing system is purposely connected to a valve, specifically a tap, for directly controlling the release of beer, thus their beers are not bottled for any other supply. “Matter of fact, 95 percent of our customers told me it is the best beers they have ever drank, so if you also want to taste them, visit our restaurant,” he maintained. They also have an in house butchery that forms part of their restaurant to soothe their operations. 

Besides their luxurious ocean view self-catering apartment in Swakopmund that are specifically located close to the beach and the landmark Jetty, The Roof of Africa is ideal for special functions such as weddings, birthday parties, special occasion celebrations and company dinners as well as for both business and leisure travellers alike and is a comfortable hotel with a warm friendly atmosphere. The Restaurant is open daily until 23h00 while the Bar goes until 24h00. To this end, Krumnow said, “airport and city transfers are also available on request and we look forward to welcoming you,” he concludes. 

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