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Namibian YALI fellows share their experiences

2021-04-21  Aletta Shikololo

Namibian YALI fellows share their experiences
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Three Namibians have recently completed their training through the Young Africa Leadership Initiative (YALI).

Youth Corner caught up with two fellows to share their experiences of being part of the programme, and find out what they have learned from the programme as well as how they intend to incorporate these lessons in their respective careers.

Mwenda Mubuayeta-Sanandwa is a passionate social worker, and she constantly seeks to gain skills and knowledge in her field of study.

Through YALI, Mwenda said she learned the best experience of her life, as she always felt a burning desire to contribute to the social development of Namibian people and child health care.

Through her project, Sinanzi Sepo, Mubuayeta-Sanandwa said she aims to bring hope to the vulnerable people of the Musanga area near Katima Mulilo.

“The Sinanzi Sepo project’s purpose is to assist people living with HIV/AIDS, widows, orphanage centres, older individuals caring for orphans, etc., by providing one of the most basic human needs – food and education as a way of evangelising to the villages,” she said.

William Bongani //Garoeb, who is a singer and public servant, said the experience at YALI was a challenge due to the Covid-19 pandemic; however, it was also a refreshing and defining moment and one of the most rewarding and eye-opening experiences of his profession.

“I have gotten to learn more about public administration and early childhood development, which I would like to incorporate in my professional life,” he said.

//Garoeb said he was also privileged to meet some of the most accomplished minds and he aims to use the experience to intensify his efforts as a creative.


2021-04-21  Aletta Shikololo

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