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Namibian youth cannot afford to be indifferent - Prof Lumumba

2019-07-22  Staff Report 2

Namibian youth cannot afford to be indifferent - Prof Lumumba

Paheja Siririka

WINDHOEK – Pan-Africanist, Professor Patrick Loch Otieno Lumumba, also known as PLO Lumumba, said the youth of Namibia, and any other African country, cannot afford the luxury of being indifferent.  

“It is the reality of today even if you choose not to vote, your negative vote will see people going into power because you have allowed a few people to vote and decide for you,” he said.

Lumumba was speaking at the launch of Augustinus Ngombe book’s titled ‘Leadership and Knowledge’ at the International University of Management (IUM) main campus in Dorado Park over the weekend.
He told New Era that the youth must recognise they have the future of their country and the rest of the continent resting on their shoulders. 

“They must re-energise themselves; they must remember that leadership is inter-generational and, therefore, their decision to be outside of the electoral symposium because they are annoyed of the current status of governance is not a good thing,” pointed out the acclaimed Kenyan academic.
He noted that righteous things do not come easily. 

“Good things come and happen because people work hard to achieve them and, therefore, the youth of Namibia must participate in the electoral process,” advised Lumumba.

The involvement of the youth in leadership, according to Lumumba, is important. “Africa has the youngest population in the world and if we, as a continent, are going to participate in the affairs of the world, whether it is in economics, science, invention and innovation or whether t it is in critical areas that will help us move politically and socially, it is on the shoulders of the youth that this can be done,” highlighted Lumumba.

He said if the youth continue to be indifferent, other civilisations would once again take over Africa. “The youth must come out in numbers and contribute. They must remember that even in their countries, it is when the youth participate that the countries move to the next level but when they don’t participate then the country won’t move in the right direction,” stated Lumumba 

He said Namibia is an interesting country. “I always hold the views that Namibia is capable of being a leader in several areas such as mining and harnessing of solar power, among others.  I believe that Namibia can play a leading role in SADC and the continent of Africa and it can be done with the involvement of young and bright Namibian people,” said Lumumba 

2019-07-22  Staff Report 2

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