• July 18th, 2019
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Namvet’s Ndeunyema dumps PDM


Staff Reporter Windhoek Namibian War Veterans Trust (Namvet) founder and chairperson Jabulani Ndeunyema says he is leaving the Popular Democratic Movement (PDM), formerly known as DTA, as it does not represent his interests, nor his organisation’s concerns in parliament. Namvet says it has over 30,000 registered members – mostly former members of Koevoet and SWATF armed units – but Ndeunyema says he is leaving the party individually after being a member for 28 years. Ndeunyema says it is necessary that he tells the public he is exiting the party. He said he would remain neutral and not align himself to any political party until further notice. Namvet is an organization made up of former SWAFT and Koevoet members, with several hundred of them housed at Clemence Kapuuo Street in Katutura, at the residence of the late Ovaherero paramount chief Kuaima Riruako. Some of them travelled to Windhoek from Opuwo in Kunene Region and have been camping at Commando Hall in Katutura since 2016, in protest of the government’s refusal to recognise them as war veterans, an honour that would have seen them receive a war veteran grant. Ndeunyema said he told his organisation’s members of his plan to exit the party and it is up to other Namvet members to decide their political destinations. “I don’t see any need to follow a political party. They (PDM members of parliament) are sleeping [during debates] and haven’t once discussed our issue. They are eating well at their houses while we are suffering,” said Ndeunyema, who added that they are a large group and there is no way their issue shouldn’t have been discussed in parliament. He said he has eight reasons why he is leaving PDM. He said some of the reasons are sensitive but he will share them next week at a media briefing, where he is expected to make the announcement about his exit from the party. One of the reasons he alluded to is the assistance they received from business people, traditional leaders and others, while those they voted for haven’t even visited them. •••• Caption
New Era Reporter
2017-12-15 09:32:44 1 years ago

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