• March 31st, 2020

!Naruseb reads riot act to staff

Agriculture minister Alpheus !Naruseb has warned staff members that failure to comply with government directives, laws and procedures will result in disciplinary action. !Naruseb, who addressed staff members on Monday, underscored the importance of complying policy, legal and governing frameworks. In light of this, he emphasised that all official operational activities, within the ministry as well as in all the State-owned enterprises under it, must be implemented by each and everyone within the confines and parameters of applicable policy and regulatory framework. He said the government has since independence, introduced various public policy initiatives with the objective of reforming public service delivery.

He noted the various public policy initiatives aim to deliver an effective and efficient service to the nation and to contribute to Namibia’s socio-economic advancement. “Some of these policy initiatives are the introduction of the Performance Management System and Business Process Reengineering, given the prevailing situation where we are confronted with limited resources and the challenges of drought brought about by climate challenges,” he stated. Equally, he said, the challenges that confront people, whether, in the form of armyworms, access to water infrastructure or in the form of finding markets for their agricultural products can all be overcome with staff efforts, commitment, dedication, and conscious approach.

“We should, therefore, make sure that the efforts of our people in agriculture are viable to sustain themselves, by being ready, at all times, to render such much-needed services,” he remarked.   He thus urged staff members to come up with innovative ways and not to continue the business, as usual, to enable them to make an impact in the lives of the people, in particular taking into account the importance of the agriculture, water and forestry sector. He also told staff to apply business techniques that focus on quality customer service-oriented processes aimed at eliminating customer complaints. He further recommended staff members to ensure dramatic compression (cut major tasks of cost and capital through the value chain) of the time it takes to complete a task for identified key business processes.  

Albertina Nakale
2020-02-19 07:07:03 | 1 months ago

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