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Nashawn now surfing the waves

2022-04-08  Strauss Lunyangwe

Nashawn now surfing the waves

Those who love .radiopapi know he is now with 99FM.

The radio presenter, né Nashawn Marengar, announced about a week ago that he joined the “inspiration station”.

This is after he did his last show on Energy 100FM on 24 March this year, following almost seven years of service there. 

Funny enough, Nashawn co-hosted that show with radio heavyweight KBVDP AKA Cheeze, who made a welcome return to the airwaves after exiting Fresh FM, a few months earlier. 

In what appears to be a reshuffling of radio presenters of late, with Dubz also leaving Fresh FM and joining Desert FM late last year, many fans really don’t mind – as long as they hear their favourite presenters on air again.

Nashawn is now co-hosting an evening show with songbird Adora, whose presence at the station was also announced not too long ago on these pages. 

The vodcaster told VIBEZ! he is primarily going to focus on other career goals because he is still studying, but after discussions with the 99FM team, he realised he couldn’t just leave something he “dearly loved so much after so many years”.

“I gave it a bit of thought, and after a series of sit-downs with 99FM, we came to an agreement – and the deal was signed and sealed.”

The #SYMLAFA2019 Favourite Male Radio Personality Winner believes experiencing a different environment will surely assist in honing his craft as a broadcast journalist on a foundation that has been set by a brand like Energy100FM and Unam Radio. 

“Secondary to that, family, friends and listeners who learned about the news of my resignation were not very pleased with the news, and said they hoped that I would at least move to a different radio station.” 

Without divulging much, Nashawn said he was happy to join 99FM, as the move there includes “more visual elements” that are being incorporated. 

“I fell more in love with TV when I hosted the YO! Music Video Countdown (a Namibian music video chart show) on our sister company OneAfricaTV between 2018 and 2019. It’s a broadcast area I’ve been meaning to explore a lot more – and through 99FM, I’m able to see that vision come to life. Of course, in terms of the technicalities of the job, there are some minor and major differences in how things are done between the two stations – but all in the end, the job is still the same,” he explained.

On working with Adora, Nashawn said it is fun, as they know each other already and have “clicked” from the beginning. 

“The chemistry is like a match made on the airwaves. I’m pleased to be working with someone who is also so clued up on music, which is a massive part of the business. I’m really looking forward to more time working with her.”
The actor/musician is still active on stage, having wrapped up a two-hour solo set at the Kokerboom Restaurant at the Windhoek Country Club performance last Sunday. 

“In studio, I’ve recorded a song that I’m yet to release. Be on the lookout for that one. I’ll focus on exploring different sounds while finding my sound throughout the rest of the year. For now, I’m just enjoying being on stage and doing my thing. I’ve got another two-hour performance coming up in May. I’ll share all the details on my social media platforms once they are made available to me.”
Director of programmes at 99FM Kevin Bellwood said he is pleased that Nashawn decided to join our 99FM team, adding that he is a talented presenter who can do great things with them.

“Being paired with Adora, they have great chemistry together and I’m really looking forward to hearing and seeing what they can do for us.” 

Catch Nashawn and Adora every Saturday between 8h00 and 12h00, and weekdays from Monday to Thursday between 18h00 to 22h00. -

2022-04-08  Strauss Lunyangwe

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