• June 5th, 2020

NASP selects strong team for Cape Town Arrows

OUTJO - Private school Moria located in Outjo was the proud host of last weekend’s NASP competition, which attracted a sizeable number of aspiring archers offering steep competition amongst 14 schools/clubs from all over the country.

The national and development teams, to represent Namibia in South Africa in May, this year were announced after the event. The teams will compete against hosts South Africa, and Botswana and Zimbabwe.

Upon completion of the gathering, participants were treated to a tasty steak barbecue and dance before the prize-giving ceremony. Top archers in the boys, girls, senior and junior received a special trophy each.
A trophy for the most 10’s shoot during the competition in addition to another floating trophy for the best school was also presented. 

The trophies went to Willem Lottering and Gobabis Gymnasium whilst each archer who shot a 50 (5 arrows in the gold for bull’s eye) received a badge to be sewn onto the bow bag. 

At the lucky draw, participating archers who attended the evening function stood a chance of winning handsome prizes.  
The lucky winners were: 3rd prize - 6 arrows, Mybri Schoonbee from Windhoek Gymnasium, 2nd prize - a bow bag won by Anru Decks from Gobabis Gymnasium, and 1st prize, a bow, went to Shaun Tjihara from Community Hope 

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2019-03-01 11:27:38 | 1 years ago

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