• August 12th, 2020

Navy plays significant role

WALVIS BAY – Rear-Admiral Sinsy Ndeshi Nghipandua, the navy commander, says the importance of the Namibian Navy cannot be overemphasised as the security of the country’s maritime domain, coupled with its maritime resources’ potential for a blue economy, had necessitated the framework for naval development.
Nghipandua made the observation at the 15th official anniversary celebration of the Namibian Navy that took place on Saturday in Walvis Bay.

“The sea matters and so do the navies too, from coastal patrol to that of maritime deterrence with force projection capability. The navy was launched to enable the country to protect its maritime interests,” he said.
According to Nghipandua, pragmatic states reckon that security is more important than economics and economics more than human rights.

He added that according to this paradigm, states faced with a choice between their national security interest and their human rights concerns will choose national security. 

“The defence of our territory, guaranteeing its integrity and the protection of our interest and people within the geo-political serve as enough prima facie for the existence of our defence. Namibia is endowed with the sea and its long coastline filled of marine resources.  Therefore the navy matters,” he said.

Nghipandua also emphasised the importance to look back and benchmark on the progress and successes that eventually brought the Namibian Navy to where it is today.

He said that the navy was developed from scratch, without any inheritance of platforms, facilities or capabilities of the colonial era in 1999.  

“The real journey started on 7 October 2004, when the navy was transformed from just being a wing to a fully-fledged navy. The transformation represents our country’s will to protect and defend its maritime interest as a nation,” he said.

Minister of Defence Penda ya Ndakolo and executive director in the ministry Rear-Admiral Peter Vilho also attended the event which included the awarding of medals, sports awards and commendation certificates to various naval officers.

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