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Ndapanda's Travels - Moku Re-imagined!

2023-05-19  Ndapanda Haininga

Ndapanda's Travels - Moku Re-imagined!

I want to imagine we are close enough for you, my dear friends, to have noticed that travel this year started a little late for me. I am somewhere between wanting to offer a bit of an explanation, and simultaneously fighting the little voices in my head telling me it’s not necessary.

In short, adulting is interesting like that. You can love something more than you care to explain, and somehow just not have time for it. 

That has been the dilemma for me this year. 

I am fighting for my life (This is Millennial humour, mom and dad, please, I’m okay).

I fought work, I fought my businesses, I fought the few lemons life chose to throw at me, and when I was done fighting, I took three days to see one of Namibia’s newly-renovated lodges – Mokuti Etosha Lodge.

I am a creator, so it’s in my nature to look up places before I visit them. But let me tell you something that I actually really mean: pictures and videos do not do Mokuti Etosha justice.

Three things instantly stood out for me:

The renovation is still not complete, so the paradise we saw that weekend wasn’t even the final product. Imagine?

The welcome appears to be very important to the team. We were allocated a cart, handed our wet hand towels, and got a refreshing ice tea upon arrival. Yum!

Sheesh! That place is beautiful – I cannot begin to tell you just how much.

We quickly checked in, worked out our itinerary (the staff was so helpful in putting this together, just lovely), and were escorted to our room in our comfortable cart.

The rooms were a comfortable but modern little haven which, although it didn’t have too much space, was just the perfect size for two. 

We had a stunning dresser, a shower big enough for two, a smart TV, efficient Wifi as well as a king-sized bed with pillows whose comfort level can only be compared to the shoulder of the only son, our Lord Jesus Christ. 

Getting out of bed was really hard, guys, but that’s not all!

The star of the Mokuti Etosha renovation is probably the three pools. The pools are big enough to accommodate pretty much all guests of the lodge – how can they not be? 

Size, however, is not all that impressive. 

The two-story bar that serves sexy cocktails with a playlist mature enough for grown folk was perhaps my favourite. 

Cocktail prices ranged from N$80 for the virgins and N$150 for the good stuff. They are not the most affordable, but you are paying for views you will not find anywhere else in Namibia. So, in essence, it’s all worth it.

Now, if you’ve been to the old Mokuti, you know the lodge excels in the food department. The food experience has always been one of the best, and boy did they manage to improve even that.

There is enough food for each guest to have at least one double-back (wink); we love that. I’m not too fond of gourmet, so the fact that the food feels like a Sunday plate by my mother makes the lodge all that much more special to me. I truly loved it. All in all, our stay was nothing short of perfection.

We ate the food, 

We drank the drinks, 

We had some desert, 

And we gained some weight, all of which we are so so chuffed about.

Give re-imagined Mokuti a chance. I promise you it is worth every cent you will pay, and then some.

* Do not hesitate to reach out to me should you need any travel consultation, collaboration and everything in-between.


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2023-05-19  Ndapanda Haininga

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