• April 25th, 2019
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Ndeitunga complains about ill-equipped police


Selma Ikela WINDHOEK - NamPol Inspector-General Sebastian Ndeitunga has expressed dissatisfaction on how ill equipped police officers are being deployed to man roadblocks alone. He is dissatisfied how police resources and human resources are allocated and deployed respectively. Ndeitunga said it is not proper that single police officers without proper equipment are being deployed to man roadblocks and worse at night. While referring to the recent Rundu incident where five family members were massacred and where police on duty claimed there was no transport despite the incident being reported twice, he said 12 police vehicles rushed to the murder scene after the heinous crime had been committed. “You have seen how the nation is up in arms saying after that massacre, 12 vehicles attended to the scene. Whether it is true or not- where were the vehicles? After the killing, suddenly 12 cars were available, but when people were alive and asking for protection, there were no cars,” stated Ndeitunga who is said to have submitted a report on the incident to Minister of Safety and Security Charles Namoloh. “It’s a matter of proper administration of the force. It is a matter of allocating resources where they are needed. You will ask, how are the cars distributed?” asked Ndeitunga. On human resources deployment, Ndeitunga referred to an incident where a female officer was alone on duty at Kupferberg road traffic checkpoint without equipment to even protect herself. Ndeitunga said he also witnessed a similar situation at the Dan Viljoen police checkpoint. “You can see the danger of that person alone at Kupferberg. What kind of management is that? I am talking about the administration of distribution and deployment of officers on duty. In many countries, if that officer is killed, the IG and the safety and security minister should resign,” he stated. Furthermore, Ndeitunga called for police visibility in the Khomas Region, stating the situation is not good as crime rate in the region is high. “I want the situation in Khomas improved,” he urged senior police officers, stressing it is unacceptable there are criminal groups terrorising residents and standing at traffic lights robbing people of their cellphones. “I want this town flooded by police officers, particularly at night. If you go out at 02h00 to 03h00, you will not see police vehicle unless they are attending to a complaint. No patrols. That’s why criminals go out at night and do as they wish and when we wake up they are done,” he stated. He said every morning police officers are supposed to have crime analysis where they evaluate crime statistics, look at the type of crime committed, the time the crime was committed and the modus operandi, the place and where these crimes took place and then deploy police members. He urged police to develop a strategy on how to fight crime. He said if police failed to detect crimes, they are creating a situation in citizens mind not to trust and have confidence in the police and (citizens) will less likely not report crimes to the police.
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2018-07-10 09:20:06 9 months ago

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