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Ndeitunga demands justice for slain Namibian learner

2021-06-10  Nuusita Ashipala

Ndeitunga demands justice for slain Namibian learner
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Police chief Sebastian Ndeitunga said his office will write to his counterpart in Angola to ensure that the two police officers accused of shooting a Namibian learner last month are prosecuted in accordance with that country’s law. 

At present, it is not known to the local police whether the two police officers have appeared in court. “I will write to my Angolan counterpart to ensure that the police officers are properly prosecuted in accordance with their law,” said Ndeitunga. Considering the nature of the crime, he added that it is expected that judicial processes will be followed for the two arrested officers.

“This is a serious crime of murder, hence the authorities should deal with the officers,” he said.

Two Angolan police officers, a 55-year-old inspector and a 29-year-old sergeant, were arrested last month for allegedly shooting Johannes Shatipamba Nangolo in the head at Otilindi cucashops in Angola, which is adjacent to the Namibian border.

Nangolo succumbed to his injuries a few hours later at the Oshakati Intermediate Hospital, where he was transferred to from Outapi.

According to the latest update, Omusati police chief commissioner Titus Shikongo said the two officers have been transferred to Ondjiva.

On the night of the shooting, Nangolo and his siblings were allegedly having a party at his brother’s shebeen at Otilindi location.

While at the party, police officers arrived at the shebeen, and demanded that it be closed.

This request allegedly led to an argument between the police officers from Okapelolona on the Namibian side, and those stationed at Otilindi.

One of the police officers allegedly left the scene and went to the camp in the middle of the argument.  

He later returned with a firearm, and demanded that the shebeen be closed before again leaving on a motorbike.

The shebeen owner allegedly heeded the call to close the shebeen, and gave his car to the deceased to escort some elderly women home.

Before the deceased could drive off, two police officers arrived at the scene, and asked everyone to get out of the vehicle. 

After disembarking, one of the police officers allegedly walked to the deceased and shot him in the head.

2021-06-10  Nuusita Ashipala

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